Sex up your life and libido with Yoga


There is no dearth of reasons that can attract you to do yoga, and one of the reasons you are going to read in this article is sex. Besides giving you a healthy body and a fearless mind, yoga practice amps up your sex life too.

What yoga can do for your sex life?

Sex is a complete body and mind experience that is of integral importance in our lives. On the other hand is yoga, which too is a mind and body experience that makes us strong and happy inside out. Yoga does wonder to make our sex life heavenly; as following is what yoga practice does to your sex life:

Makes your body all the more flexible

Body’s flexibility and the level of sexual satisfaction are directly related, as the more your body is flexible, the more satisfaction you would get. This flexibility allows you to try new, crazy postures and positions that enhance sexual experience. For instance, yoga poses make your legs and upper body so flexible that you could lift your thigh up high, bend your back pretty low, and all this helps you form sexy poses while making out and get satisfied till your depths.

Toned body equals confident you

Practicing yoga poses tones body, makes it flexible, and gives it strength. It is a fact that the more toned and well in shape body you have, the less inhibition you feel to come in close contact with other body. Well-toned body gives you the confidence to open up and make out in a wild enjoyable manner, deriving utmost sexual pleasure without any inhibitions owing to your imperfect body.

Yoga targets your sexual zones

The root lock “Mula Bandha” is one particular yoga pose that targets sexual zones in order to increase the level of sexual pleasure one derives. Practicing Mula Bandha straightaway betters your orgasms. The contraction of perineum during this pose enhances circulation in the pelvic region, which comes handy to increase arousal.

Yoga improves stamina

It takes a lot of energy to satisfy each other while making out, or else no satisfaction or minimal satisfaction one derives. Yoga practice makes you strong, improves your stamina, which directly affects your sex life making it better as you feel energetic all the time.

Best yoga poses for sexier sex

The Bound Angle Pose

Sit on ground; bring soles of your feet together while putting your hands on the ankles. While doing this, lean forward so that you feel a stretch in your hips and hold this position for 10-to 15 breath count. This pose is extremely helpful, as it opens the hips so you could enjoy sexier intercourse.

The Bridge

Bend your knees and keep your hip-width apart while lying on your back on the ground. Keep a six-inch gap between your butt and feet and then push up your hips towards ceiling, breathe and hold this posture for good one minute. This pose helps decrease tension in your hip flexors.

The sun salutation (surya namaskara)

Surya namaskara does not focus on a single body part or portion but the entire body. It strengthens your legs, thighs, lower back, and arms, and this flexibility works well in interest of sexual pleasures. Bending way down to touch your feet and ground makes your back so strong that you could easily enjoy some of the craziest poses while making out.

People practice and love yoga for its supreme mental and physical health benefits. People today love yoga even more; as they have realized what yoga practice can do to their sex life, it enhances quality of one’s sex life.

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