Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a complementary medicine, practiced since ancient time in Egypt, China and India. In colour therapy, different colours are used to balance energy and stimulate body’s own healing ability, which will promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness to a sick person.

Different colours have different wavelengths and energy. This different energy of colour has different effects on physical and psychological functions of the body. Each colour of the main seven colours of the spectrum resonates with one of the seven chakras of our body. The imbalance in any of the chakras causes the disease condition. They use seven colours light spectrum to balance and enhance the energy of chakras, more over depending on the patient’s problems, the practitioner may suggest using any of the tools including, gemstones, colour candles, wands, prisms, coloured fabrics, bath oils, coloured eye wear etc.

The colour therapy is often used alone or as complementary for the treatment of various physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems and over all relaxation of the body. Colours are most commonly used to ease anxiety and depression, as it uplifts the mood and makes person happier.

The colour therapy is truly holistic, non-invasive, effective therapy which can be used safely for all age group of people and animals as well.

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