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A good wellness service provider in wellness tourism can make your trip pleasurable and fulfilling. Unfortunately, the market is full of offerings cloaked in wellness. As a conscious wellness tourist, you must do prudent research […]

A Guide On How to Find a Good Wellness Service Provider in Wellness Tourism

Cupping therapy that comes from 1500 BC is one of the most preferred alternative treatments today. It is an effective way to reduce pain, improve blood flow, treat chronic diseases, etc. Cupping is also a

A Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy by Dr Prem

The parameters of how we judge human wellbeing is ever-expanding. The concentration was first placed on treatment of diseases, we then moved on to understanding the importance of physical health and taking care of it.

People are looking at travel with a new light

Alternative wellness tourism involves people traveling nationally and internationally for healthcare treatments and availing alternative therapies and medicines. Alternative medicine refers to medications used to treat or cure a physical ailment, though not in the

Wellness tourism

Complementary and alternative healthcare is becoming popular and widespread. Health workers on the U.S are turning to this effective method of treatment to assuage anxiety. This is according to findings of a study conducted by

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We live in an occupied world, when very nearly everybody affections to take things inside their compass. We live in reality as we know it where quick sustenance, remote control, TV, autos, fuel, and power

Facial Treatment With Moisturizer

History of magnetic therapy dates back to several centuries and it has been used successfully for long to restore energy as well as reduce pain. This type of therapy which is also known as magnotherapy,

Sore Kness

Iris is the colored portion of the eyes and is the muscle connected to the brain. Iris helps to regulate the amount of light entering into the eyes. Iridology is the study of the iris

Laser Beam on Eye

Toyohari is a form of traditional Japanese form of alternative medicine. Meridian therapy is a popular therapy in Japanese acupuncture. This therapy is practiced at the energy level and is practiced by a specialist who

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Talk about an immediate recovery – conventional medicines! If you want a long-term recovery and a healthy and sound life, then go for Alternatives.

Kinesio tex tape therapy
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