Toyohari is a form of traditional Japanese form of alternative medicine. Meridian therapy is a popular therapy in Japanese acupuncture. This therapy is practiced at the energy level and is practiced by a specialist who can sense the extraordinary power of energy. The practice of medicine by diagnosis of ‘Ki’ is popularly applied over here. Additionally, there is pulse diagnosis and the use of noninvasive needle technique to treat the disease.   

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It is advisable to get treatment from a trained specialist as this therapy involves treatment at a different plane and demands a lot of experience.


Kodo Fukushima, who was the founder of the Toyohari Association, brought this therapy into light. He worked hard and interpreted his clinical experience and his learning of Japanese and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture Concept


The main principle of Toyohari is the energy centers and meridian therapy. The skills of energy medicine are used to identify the problem and needle techniques are used to cure. It is believed that energy fields surround every person and it is important to maintain a balance between these fields.

If there is any disturbance in these energy fields, the meridians that define the energy balance, the person may experience some discomfort. This may be seen in the form of emotional problems, which may slowly even progress to physical complaints.



Toyohari is practiced by trained specialists and the duration of treatment is decided based on the condition of the person. The diagnosis and treatment pattern involved in this is based on pulse and abdominal diagnosis. The treatment modality used is the therapeutic use of needle techniques. The therapy is practiced as sessions and the number of sessions are decided by the specialist.

Some specialists may also recommend a particular diet and lifestyle, which the person undergoing treatment needs to follow. Any other restrictions regarding any other type of treatment or investigations should also be followed to see optimum results of this therapy.



The benefits of this therapy can be experienced in the form of harmony of mind, body and soul, reduction of stress and regaining a balance in life. Some conditions in which acupuncture and this therapy can be useful include musculo-skeletal problems, respiratory troubles, skin complaints, gynecological problems and others. This therapy can also be helpful in post operative rehabilitation, curing of ailments that have not responded to other treatment forms, unexplained discomfort or feeling of being unwell.

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