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Human musculoskeletal system is a carefully designed structure with the skeleton as the base and all the muscles, nerves and other structures accordingly arranged. They all depend on and complement the functions of each other. When all these structures function in harmony, the person enjoys free and easy movements of the body parts. However, if there is some imbalance or disturbance in any of the structures, the related parts get affected as well.


Complaints like headache, pain in neck, back and limbs are very commonly observed in general population. Most of these complaints are associated with the imbalance in the back bone or the spinal column. The spinal cord runs through the spinal column, which protects it. There are nerves in between the bones or vertebrae of spinal column. Any disturbance in these bones can affect the local area as well as the area supplied by those nerves. Hence, the nearby structures get affected and the person experiences pain, restricted movement and other symptoms. In Atlas Orthogonal treatment, an instrument is used to correct the position of the first cervical bone, which is called atlas. 



Atlas Orthogonal treatment is based on the principle that many ailments related to head, neck and upper body may be associated with the imbalance in the spinal column. When alignment of the vertebrae in the spinal column gets disturbed and particularly the first vertebra, it can lead to an imbalance. This can cause difficulties in movement or pain in the related areas. Hence the position of the first vertebra needs to be corrected and accordingly the associated symptoms can be relieved.

The name Atlas Orthogonal is derived from ‘Atlas’ meaning first cervical vertebra and ‘Orthogonal’ meaning perpendicular or at ninety degrees. This means that ideally the atlas vertebra should be perpendicular to head and neck. If it moves out from this position or is disturbed, the body begins to compensate by adopting irregular postures. This can disturb the nearby structures and also affect the balance. In the long run it gives rise to complaints like neck or limb pain, headache etc. Hence the position of the atlas needs to be corrected.



In the early 1900s, a chiropractic physician, Dr. Palmer researched to discover the importance of the first cervical vertebra i.e. atlas in controlling the overall position of the spine. He realized the need to correct the position of the atlas. He could do this correction using his hands in a specific way. Later on his student, Dr. Sweat, conducted further research in this subject and discovered the Atlas Orthogonal technique. He created a sophisticated instrument that can be used to correct the position of the atlas vertebra, without pain or pressure.



Atlas Orthogonal instrument is used to correct the position of the atlas vertebra. The exact amount of misalignment of the atlas is measured using specialized X-rays. After thorough understanding of the X-rays, the specialists decide the precise amount of correction that is required.

During the correction process, the specially designed Atlas Orthogonal instrument is positioned over the atlas vertebra. The procedure is followed according to the prescribed protocol. A very small amount of force is required. The process is fast and pain free. Immediately after the treatment another round of X-rays are taken to understand and calculate the amount of correction done.

Further instructions related to protecting the correction made and maintaining overall body postures are given to the patients. These treatment plans should be accordingly followed. 



Atlas Orthogonal treatment is useful in conditions like;

  • Headaches, migraine, etc.
  • Neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, numbness, tingling in arms and legs, etc.
  • Lower back pain, pain in legs, inter-vertebral disc problems, etc.
  • Degenerative disease of the spine like arthritis, etc.

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