Western Herbal Therapy

Herbalism uses herbs and other plant material for their health benefits. They are either used to treat or prevent ailments or simply for health promotion. For years together, herbals extracts have been known for their health benefits and their goodness for health promotion. Herbal constituents have been used in food preparation, consumed as an interesting after food or as a standalone medicinal therapy.


Western herbal therapy uses medicinal herbs for treating ailments based on the Western understanding of health and cure.


Several years ago, the Greeks, have been instrumental in deriving the concept of Traditional Western herbal medicine. Further many other cultures, including Chinese, Native American and African also incorporated the use of herbs into their alternative system of medicine.


Many herbs are medicinal in nature and their benefits can be experienced by consuming particular parts of the herbs or applying them onto the body for particular purpose in a specified manner. Identified medicinal herbs are used in the form that is the most beneficial, maybe leaves or stems and accordingly the extracts are obtained. Certain combinations of herbs act more effectively and can be more helpful in treating or preventing diseases.



According to the Western herbal therapy, herbal medicines can be used in various forms. Additionally, there are many factors that affect these herbs like pests, plant habitat, weather, the ways of collection, storage and processing, etc. Also some herbs can have other effects also. Herbal medicine practice is done by trained therapists, who have thorough knowledge of the herbal medicine and their effects and limitations. Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional expert for advice and follow the regimen accordingly.


Herbal therapists take a detailed history of the client and gets to know about the ailments and the medical history. Then a treatment plan is drawn and the required medicinal herbs are identified. These can be planned single or in combination to augment the health benefits. The right manner of taking these herbs is prescribed by the therapist, along with a specific diet, exercises, sleep and lifestyle pattern. The treatment basically aims at regaining the imbalances in the body, correcting nutritional disorders due to defective nutrition and absorption. A follow-up with the therapist may be required to decide the following plan.


This therapy can be used to treat ailments like eczema, asthma, allergies, constipation, indigestion and other gastric troubles, migraine, headaches, sleep disturbances, stress related troubles and chronic fatigue.

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