Uses and benefits of magnetic therapy as a form of alternative medicine

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History of magnetic therapy dates back to several centuries and it has been used successfully for long to restore energy as well as reduce pain. This type of therapy which is also known as magnotherapy, falls under alternative forms of healing and deemed to be cost effective as well as safe. In many scientific studies, it has been found that magnetic therapy assists the body in getting back the self-healing balance in a natural way.


Uses of Magnetic Therapy

It is a form of therapy in which static magnets or electromagnetic devices are used to form magnetic field for treatment of various problems. Magnetic therapy is beneficial for us in several ways and it helps to reduce inflammations, assists the body in recovering its natural energy, relieves pain, improves blood circulation, enhances healing process of our body, aides’ toxin removal through our natural metabolic process and increases blood circulation.

Magnotherapy also helps to improve blood flow in the body by affecting hemoglobin in the blood and working to make it oxygenated and turn diamagnetic.


Origin of Magnetic Therapy

We find reference to magnetic therapy in records, which date back almost 2,000 years. Different manuscripts have been found from countries such as India, Greece and Egypt in which magnetic therapy has been mentioned. In ancient times, it played a major role in Chinese medicine and was also part of alternative therapy in India.

Not surprisingly, you will find mention of magnetic therapy in scripts like Atharv Veda in which this therapy has been referred as the most suitable option for alleviating pain and rejuvenating mind as well as body.


Utilization of Magnetic Therapy Nowadays

In recent years, we have seen its use increasing in countries such as Russian, Australia and in several of the European nations.

The concept of magnetic therapy is now being used in new medical procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging to fulfill many diagnostic requirements. Nowadays this therapy is also being utilized for acceleration of healing process in case of fractured bones.


Magnetic Products

There are different magnetic products available presently which are useful in treating numerous ailments. Some such products include magnetic straps to be worn on the wrists, bracelets, shoe insoles, magnetic blankets, magnetic supplements, mattresses and creams. All these products are used for treatment of different physical problems.


There are several health benefits of magnetic therapy and it is a form of alternative medicine, which gives positive results. Many patients find it to be a cost effective form of treatment that they can rely on.

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