How safe are alternative, natural medicines

Herbal or Ayurvedic remedies are turning out to be a safe remedy for many ailments. Many would wonder if these alternative methods are safer than the traditional medical treatments. We do not have any certified answer yet. It has been observed that natural remedies are safe and have long-term solutions. However, prolonged intake of these remedies can cause some side effects too. Many organic nutritious foods or herbs have certain natural chemicals in them, which can be hazardous to the body if had in excess. Hence, the right proportion and right limitations on the intake of these natural remedies is essential.


Many traditional medicines have been banned because of the serious side effects they have caused to the patients. Many advertisements portray the problems they cause on their intake. Illness might be cured but the side effects turn out to be serious than the problem itself. However, this can be same for natural remedies.

Prescription drugs can have adverse effects on the body. Moreover, not all prescribed drugs can solve the health problem for which they are taken.

Alternative medicines have been a relief for many patients and they have not yet showed any side effects in any of such cases. Neither any physical side effect nor any mental side effect has been notified in the same. The right usage of these remedies prescribed by the therapists is essential.


However, some herbal remedies if taken for a prolonged time do show certain side effects. For example, the intake of ginger is considered essential to cure or curb arthritis. However, excessive intake of ginger causes intestinal or stomach damages. This is because it contains a chemical called Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug. Some of side effects of ginger are blood clotting, fluid retention that can cause heart failure and high blood pressure. Hence, it has been proven that excess of these alternative medicines can cause a problem to the body organs and to the brain. Natural or manmade nutrients do have organic chemicals that need to be studied for their effects on the body.

It is difficult to confirm that alternative medicines or traditional medicines are safe or not. Both need to be studied and had keeping in consideration the limitations. You can consider combining natural remedies to the traditional prescribed drugs to get the best results.


It is unsure that natural remedies or prescribed drugs cause side effects or not. Any of these natural remedies if taken in excess can cause problem to the body and its organs.

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