Yoga is not just about spirituality, it is more about health and wellbeing

unites body, mind and soul

Yoga has been always popular as a practice that unites body, mind and soul and enhances a person’s quality of life. Two or three decades back it was known as a practice that spiritually enhances a human being by enlightening and cleansing one’s body inside out, as it cures physical and mental ailments as well.

The stress was always upon the spiritual aspect of yoga and lesser on the health and other aspects. However, in last two decades, people’s perspective of yoga has changed and now it is more popular as a practice that has a plethora of health benefits and spiritual benefits as well.

Understanding the global demand for yoga– Not just India anymore

Gone are the days when yoga used to be just an Indian thing because hardly anybody except for the ancient Indians used to practice yoga. Today, it is no more just an Indian thing but an extremely popular phenomena revolutionizing lives of so many people in almost every part of the world.

The driving forces behind such immense popularity of yoga are its spiritual, medical, and fitness benefits. It was in 1980s when the drug culture started engulfing youth in different nations that yoga emerged as a savior and people started practicing it religiously after knowing it as a mind-body medicine.

Top health benefits of yoga

Regular yoga practice tends to eliminate the most common and the most frustrating present day health troubles people experience in today’s time, and probably this is what has made yoga such a popular thing amongst people world over.


Work pressure, fatigue, and other stress that some people experience takes a toll on their sleeping pattern and they face difficulty sleeping every night. Some yoga poses and breathing exercises enables a person to calm down and make their body relearn the ability to rest, thus, curing insomnia in the most effective way.

Problems related to sexual performance

Stress and work pressure sometimes start interfering with people’s sexual life and this is one common relationship problem faced by so many couples across the globe. Yoga boosts one’s sexual performances by a number of yoga poses and helps couples enjoy their blissful sexual life all over again.

Boosts immunity

Practicing yoga everyday makes your immune system strong, and automatically you start living healthy and cheerful, rarely falling sick and weak.

Fights obesity

Obesity is yet another pressing concern of the present age because lifestyle people have opted because of their busy schedules is not good. Yoga offers a natural and extremely effective solution to fight obesity that too without any side effects, as it helps control the food urges people usually feel. Those urges tempt you so hard that you forget about your health and weight and eat whatever comes in front of you. Yoga teaches you to control those urges by a unique and very helpful mind and body connection.

Top beauty benefits of yoga

Beauty benefits of yoga are another thing that has made it so very popular and loveable amongst people throughout the world.

Glowing skin

Yoga improves our digestion system, which automatically makes the skin glow. Majority of the skin troubles occur owing to some or the other trouble going on in the digestive system.

Brings in elasticity

Elasticity in skin is one thing that differentiates a youthful skin and an old skin. Yoga brings in a great deal of elasticity in skin, which makes it an anti-aging formula that one can make use of to impede the aging process or to make its effects less visible.

Yoga is still believed to be a practice that elevates the spiritual level of a human being but there was a time when this used to be the only thing people used to practice yoga for. A few decades ago people realized yoga’s supreme health benefits and today people practice yoga less for spiritual benefits and more for the health benefits.

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