Scientific proof: Yoga as science of life, body and healing

Yoga as science

Yoga is a science of life that combines breathing patterns, stretches, and contortions especially designed to blend and unite a person’s body, mind, and soul. Present day science backs the fact that yoga improves brain function, develops denser bones and helps the body relax, and the chants center their minds.

Yoga: A science that deals with body, breath, mind and soul

Many people believe that yoga is just like any other physical exercise that enhances one’s physical being. However, the truth is that yoga is not just an exercise first, as it is a discipline, routine that one has to follow everyday and everywhere. Second, yoga is not something that deals only with your physical being but with your mental and spiritual being as well. Yoga as science is both theoretical and practical that is trying since times immemorial to make people healthy on all three levels – mental, physical, and spiritual.

Some people think yoga as religion, which is again a misconception. Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras had clearly mentioned that yoga is neither a new religion nor it condemns any religion. Yoga is a practice that anyone can perform, belonging to any place or any religion. Yoga only teaches you how to live an ideal impressive life, what to do and what not to do, as every human being is blessed with mental capacities that enable a person to decide what they should be doing or not.

A science with Biology and Chemistry of breathing

How we breathe is associated with our overall health and Pranayama in yoga is based on the breathing technique only. Pranayama is all about getting rid of certain illnesses by focusing our breath while doing a number of yoga poses. Poor breathing habits have a direct relation to some of the modern day diseases like heart failures and high blood pressure. Yoga is a science that teaches us correct breathing patterns by dividing them into four sections – the inhale, the retention after inhale, the exhale, and the retention after exhale. The main purpose of our breathing is to bring in oxygen and exchange it with the carbon dioxide inside so that our body keeps functioning normally. However, when we do not breathe properly, it interferes with this normal functioning taking place inside our body and makes us ill.

Modern science in favor of yoga’s health benefits

People are practicing yoga for 5,000 or even more years now. Although there is no need to comment any further, as this finding tells it all, as there has to be some valid health benefits of yoga that are making people follow them for so many years now. People are not foolish to just fall for a thing and follow it religiously without any benefits. Yoga is truly a practice with some real and significant physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that makes it a practice people have been religiously following since ages.

There was a time, ages ago, when yoga was only an Indian practice owing to its origin that took place in India, but today as you see, yoga has become a global phenomenon. This would not have been possible without significant health benefits that yoga bestows upon people, all of which are now backed by modern science. Yoga helps rejuvenate a person from within, cleanses body from within and disciplines a person, which make him/her an altogether different and responsible person towards his own self and for the society.

Yoga is a science that enhances a person’s physical, mental and spiritual status for ages now. Apart from many health benefits, yoga encourages people to lead a healthy, sacred life.

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