Wellness Resort programs

A good night’s sleep can do wonders – it energizes and rejuvenates, leading to good health and productivity. Sleep deprivation is a condition that is no longer taken lightly. The global sleep economy is valued

Creating the Best Sleep Room at Your Wellness Resort

The scope of Yoga has finally bypassed the confines of a seemingly esoteric Eastern practice. The Y word is now commonly and righteously associated with fitness, both on the mental and physical level. And, as

Guide To The Best Yoga Poses To Stay In Shape

Lifestyle changes in the 21st century have led to the growth of many illnesses and diseases associated with the mind and body. Growing work pressure and economic uncertainty forces us to neglect the well-being of

Guide To Yoga For Holistic Wellbeing

Shirodhara is an established ayurvedic treatment in which a steady stream of medical oils or other liquids is allowed to flow gently over the forehead. The aim isto induce relaxation and a heightened state of

A Complete Guide to Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment by Dr Prem

Spas are a wonderful escape from the busy and tiring schedules of the modern world and provide a number of health facilities to sit back and relax, recharge, reflex and beautify. Various health-promoting programs are

Complete Guide to Wellness spas

A bird’s eye view: The Medi spa concept has worked wonders for an all-round boost to the wellness industry. Spas have been playing a pivotal role in fostering growth of global wellness market and with

A Guide to Medi Spa

Crystal healing and Gemstone therapy are non-invasive alternative modes of healing borrowed from ancient practices and texts. Possessing precious and semi-precious stones is known to have immense benefits on overall wellbeing. It is even more

Crystal Healing and Gemstone Therapy in Wellness

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), “Wellness tourism can be defined as the form of travel to maintain or enhance one’s personal wellbeing”. People nowadays are increasingly aware of the need to maintain fitness

Wellness Tourism Business Analysis by Dr Prem

Wellness and healthy life approach are the best of subjects one can actually inculcate in order to lead a life, which is stress free and relaxed. Many wellness tourism destinations are helping around people to

A Guide to Wellness Tourism Destinations
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