Make Your Mornings More Mindful and Energetic with Yoga – Tips and 5 Poses to Consider

Make Your Mornings More Mindful and Energetic with Yoga

Yoga is to focus on the present and give a good stretch to your body so that energy can flow freely in your body from head to toe. Here are some yoga tips and poses to better start your day.


  1. Drink water
    Drinking 2-3 glasses of water early in the morning is one of the best practices to keep laziness and digestion problems at bay. It’s suggested to heat up the water a little before drinking. You can also make a light lemonade with fresh lemons, sugar, and salt to consume early in the morning.
  2. Express gratitude to God and say hello to yourself
    Saying thanks to God and hello to yourself right after you woke up in the morning is refreshing. Place any of your hands on your heart, bow your head a little, and say thanks to the almighty for giving you another day to experience, live and enjoy.
  3. Focus onto the present
    Close your eyes and join your hands, while stirring your thoughts and focussing all your attention towards the moment you’re just experiencing. This helps you to create an awareness within yourself.
  4. Pay time to yourself before starting your routine
    Before indulging yourself with your routine, you can take some time to do some other interesting things. Like you can enjoy reading a newspaper, a health magazine, water the flowers or take simple long breaths and meditate.
  5. Practice Yoga
    The best thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere whether on your bed, on a mat, on the roof, or even in your hallroom. It requires only a few stretches to open up your mind and soul and be ready for the forthcoming day. You can start with the simple gomukhasana, garudasana or with a simple full body stretch. These yoga activities readies your physique as well as psyche for all the challenges that you have to face during the complete day.


  • Downward Dog
    Downward Dog pose imitates the stretching posture of a dog. The pose is one of the standard Yoga poses and requires little practice before you can stretch just right. Shift all your body weight on your hands and feet, like the pose for doing push-ups. Now, slowly raise your back upwards. Stretch as much as possible.
  • Extended Side Angle
    Extended Side Angle pose is best known to improve flexibility, strength and posture all at once. To start with the pose, stretch your legs as far as possible. Now, put both your hands in the air and slowly bend your right knee. At last, slowly take your right hand on the ground while shifting your left body weight on the palm of your hand.
  • Tranquil Tree
    Tranquil Tree pose is a great way to balance your body and strengthen the legs. Stand straight, now place your left foot on the side of your right knee and join your hands. Remember to keep your back straight. The more you’ll practice the pose, the more time you’ll be able to stand in the pose.
  • Camel
    Camel pose is suggested for intermediate and expert yoga practitioners. Start in the kneeling position for this pose. Bend your upper body backwards until your hands are able to touch the soles of your feet. Sit in the position for about 30 seconds.
  • Seated Twist
    Seated Twist is best for getting a good morning stretch. Sit with your legs stretched out straight. Now, bend your knees. Slide your left foot under the right leg and outside of the right hip. The right leg should be over the left leg and right knee pointing directly up towards the ceiling. 

To work out with the Camel, Seated Twist, and other Yoga poses you need to practice for some time.

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