Simple tips to help you meditate without actually meditating

Many people suggest meditation as a way of feeling and living good. How true is it? How much of a need for meditation exists? Meditation actually relaxes and soothes your mind. Hence, you need to meditate for about 20 minutes in order to experience this relaxation. Who ever thought meditation was literal? However, if you are into meditation, then it won’t take much to reach the point of relaxation. It is relatively easy as time passes by.

However, sitting still and doing nothing is no mean feat and it definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, there are alternatives to meditation. Here are a few of them –

  1. Yoga


Yoga teaches you to be in touch with the present. The positions are just an add-on that helps you stay in touch with the present. It is necessary to coordinate your breathing with the yoga position in order to get everything right. Yoga literally helps you feel your body and connect with it like never before. You actually feel fresh and new after doing Yoga and practicing it regularly over time. Also, it allows you to banish your thoughts as you inhale and exhale alternatively. Yoga is definitely akin to meditation and an excellent option if you can’t sit still. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity!

  1. Walking in Nature

Walking in sunflowers field

The outdoors is huge and reminds you of your humble small self. They help you connect with your roots in a way nothing can. In the modern, disconnected city life, this is definitely a great way to relax your mind. The cool wind blowing into your hair will relax you completely, the chirping of birds will quieten the noise in your head and the wet grass will provide your feet with some much needed warmth. After all, nature does soothe us in a way that nothing can. Can’t sit still? Go ahead and live your best amidst the reigns of nature. You are going to have a great time.

  1. Proper Breathing

Vishnu Mudra in hatha yoga Alternate Nostril Breathing

Proper breathing is a great way of reducing anxiety and stress. However, one needs to learn the proper techniques of breathing in order to be able to benefit out of it. It is also easy to do at any point in time and a great stress beater. However, you will have to practice this regularly in order to achieve perfection. Thus, for the first few days, keep a schedule so that the target is easier to achieve. Now, take long and deep breathes through your nostrils and concentrate all your energy into your breathing. This will stimulate your nervous system and help you relax in no time. Who knew one only needed to breathe right in order to relax!

  1. Exercise

Beginner yoga girl stretching in easy variation of downward-facing dog pose, adho mukha svanasana on white background with bent knees, preparation for asana

So, you thought exercise and meditation were two separate entities? Well, no, not really. They aren’t separate entities. You need to concentrate on what you are doing when you are exercising and you will be surprised to see that you feel a lot more relaxed than usual. Moreover, the intensity of exercise does relax your brain to quite an extent; thereby, making it similar to meditation. Therefore, in order to meditate while exercising, simply concentrate on your bodily movements and pressure areas along with your breathing and you shall be good to go. In fact, you will be surprised that exercise can help you meditate.

  1. Tai Chi

Meditation on a Lawn

Tai Chi is one of the most meditative martial arts available. However, you don’t have to stay still in order to practice Tai Chi. A large number of similarities have been found by studies between meditation and Tai Chi. In fact, Tai Chi is said to have a more stimulating, relaxing and long lasting effect over other alternatives to meditation. Hence, it is definitely one of the best alternatives to meditation. Moreover, it improvises your brain and your memory and hence, it is definitely a good idea. To add to it all, it brings down the risk of cardiac among women and hence, is quite beneficial.

Thus, there isn’t any need to poke your head into meditation forcefully. There are plenty of alternatives that don’t require you to sit still and yet, relax your brain. Go ahead and pick your option!

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