Prolozone therapy: A nonsurgical treatment to relieve joint pain

relieve joint pain

A car accident, a bike accident, an untoward fall, old age, a slip in the bathroom and a million other things can cause joint pain. When it comes to joint pain, the only two options so far have been surgery or physiotherapy and both the options are fairly limited in their scope. However, you no longer need to compromise with the joint pain as Prolozone therapy is there to cure your medical condition without surgery!

Like other natural supplements for curbing muscle and joint pains and food remedies, there are apprehensions about this one but people are giving it a try. A large number of people are already gushing about the effects of this treatment. It is only a matter of time before it catches up with any and everyone.

What is Prolozone?

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For starters, it makes sense to know in detail what exactly Prolozone therapy implies. It doesn’t need exercise or operation. It is rather simply an injection that ensures circulation is back to normal. It has all the ingredients that are required to heal damaged tissues. Containing procaine, this therapy provides immense relief by reducing pain. It also has homeopathic elements in it that will ensure that your system is calm and your hormones are in place.

Prolozone is full of ingredients that are a must for recovery and all one has to do is get these ingredients injected into the system. The injected solution shall do its job on its own without you having to do a whole lot of work.

Medical conditions treated by Prolozone

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Now, one comes to a point wherein one starts to wonder what exactly the conditions that Prolozone treats are. Well, it treats quite a bunch of conditions. It treats things as simple as head ache to something as complicated as a stiff neck. Prolozone further treats TMJ syndrome and Whiplash along with disc problems, aside from working miraculously on degenerated as well as herniated discs.

Injured one of your joints due to intense sports? You can very much leave your worries to Prolozone even if it is rotator cuff, tennis elbow or anything else. It can also treat complicated knots and syndromes with its great combination of ingredients. Hip pain, knee pain or a torn ligament can also left to be treated by Prolozone.

No it doesn’t end here; from back pain to sciatica to fasciitis, Prolozone is a cure for everything. Most of your bone problems can be solved with Prolozone. Other things that it is capable of curing are Prosthetics, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and joints that are quickly undergoing wear and tear.

How does Prolozone Work?

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The healing of injuries largely depends on circulation. It is necessary that perfectly fine new cells continue to grow in the impacted area; thereby, causing it to heal. It is necessary that one’s blood contains Vitamins, minerals, and of course, oxygen.

Oxygen is of utmost importance as lack of oxygen can lead to pain due to collection of lactic acid. This is obviously harmful for the body and destructive to healing. Thus, Prolozone is here to help!

The antiinflammatory property of Prolozone helps in reducing swelling and pain and hence, improvises circulation. The presence of Vitamins and Minerals ensure healthy healing when injected into the body in the form of Prolozone. Last but not least, since Prolozone carries ample amounts of oxygen, the tissues get all the important components necessary for healing. Thus, improving blood circulation and normalizing the metabolic activities within dead tissues that calls for speedy recovery.

Procedure, Benefits and Costs

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The procedure has three stages, which last anywhere between a single sitting to around four or five sittings. Appreciated by both doctors and patients, the Prolozone therapy has a zillion benefits, the best of which is that the entire treatment ensures to provide and actually shows quick results without too much of effort. It isn’t very costly either. A single sitting will cost you around $300 which is quite cheaper than surgery or physiotherapy.

Thus, Prolozone contains nearly everything that is necessary for quick healing. Apart from these ingredients, it flaunts ant-inflammatory chemical properties and ensures a good and steady supply of oxygen which is extremely necessary for generating new, repaired cells.

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