Yoga asanas that put you on the path of fabulous breasts

Women facing problems with breast size normally go in for surgeries, but surgeries can have several drawbacks and may result in scars which can be visible and look very ugly. The breast may be uneven in shape and size or there can be a loss in sensation, inability to breast-feed etc. In certain cases, it can even result in infections,reaction to anesthesia,blood clots and such other serious problems.Therefore,it is worthwhile to avoid surgery and go in for alternative treatment methods which will not have any side effects. Yoga asanas are one of the best ways of achieving this goal without any serious side effects.

Yoga gives perfect shape and inner strength

The basic problem when it comes to larger breast size is that it kills confidence and one feels rather low in self-esteem. The very thought that alternative method like yoga can do the trick helps boost the confidence and makes one feel that they are the best. Thus, yoga can act as a great motivator and can help in boosting self-image along with the reduction and restructuring of the breast.

Best yoga asanas to reduce breast size

Here are some of the best yoga asanas, which will help in reduction, and restructuring of breast.

  • Suryanamaskar and Shirsasana

These age old techniques are one of the best ways to tone the body and have been found to be helpful for toning breasts. One needs to do the backwards twist daily for few minutes in the morning to get the desired results.In Shirsasana, one needs to stand on the head and it helps is giving shape to the body. But due to the risks involved it is better if one performs these asanas under the guidance of an expert.

  • Vrikshasana

This is the tree pose.Here one is required to stand straight like a tree and then raise the arms slowly and do a namaskar. Then slowly raise the right leg and let the foot touch the left knee. One needs to hold this position for a while then come back to the original position and then repeat the same pose for the other side that is the left foot should touch the right knee.

  • Sarpasana

This is the snake pose and it is good for the breast muscles and it is also good for the abs and the spine. In this, you need to lie on the stomach and put the hands on the chest. Then start lifting the body from the abdomen and start straightening your hands and tilt your head towards the back. Hold the position for sometime.

  • Trikonasana

This is known as the triangle pose.This asana is known to provide strength to the breast muscles and helps in making the breasts tighter. Stand straight on the ground and keep your feet apart. Raise both the hands upto the shoulder. Bend forward. Hold the left ankle with the right hand. Hold the pose for some time and then repeat the pose on the other side.

  • Dhanurasana

This is known as the bow pose. It involves stretching of the entire chest and thus, it offers strength to the breast muscles. It is known as the bow pose. Lie on the stomach and keep the feet apart.Fold the knees,hold the ankles and lift the chest from the ground. Now pull your legs up, back, and maintain the pose for a few seconds.

Yoga asanas can be quite effective ways to reshape and restructure breast shape and size. Instead of opting for surgeries which can cause harm, it is best to follow these yoga poses. However, it is advisable to initially perform these poses under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor.

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