Yoga –Yoga postures that help you relax

Yoga postures that help you relax

For a Yoga practitioner, learning the technique of relaxation is the most important part because, without proper relaxation one cannot feel the sense of calmness in their body. The art of proper relaxation should be felt in three ways – mentally, physically and spiritually. Normally, the Corpse pose is practiced to attain relaxation in your body. To practice the corpse pose, you must lie down on your back and get the feeling of tension first and then followed by relaxation later, starting from your feet to head. The alternate feeling of tensing followed by relaxation is very important because without knowing the feeling of tension, you will not be able to identify the feeling of relaxation as well. Moreover, regular practice of this pose trains your muscles to contract and tense as per your body requirement and also send auto-signals to your muscles to relax whenever necessary. This pose also slowly helps your subconscious mind to control and regulate your heart’s involuntary muscles, digestive systems and various other organs.

Front corpse pose

Lie down on your front side, keep your legs slightly apart with the toes still touching and let your heels fall out onto their sides. Then bring your hands together below your head and use them like a pillow to support your head. By lengthening your whole body, try to relax and tense your muscles alternately. While you exhale, imagine your body sinking slowly into the floor beneath. This pose is very effective in helping you to relax your body after performing other Yoga Asanas or postures involving your abdomen.

Corpse Pose

This corpse pose is performed by lying on your back on the floor with your legs spread apart about 18 inches, hands away from your sides about 6 inches while keeping your palms up. After making sure that your body is symmetrical, allow yourself to ease into the pose. Then breathe deeply and close your eyes while keeping your knees, thighs and toes in the outward direction.

Abdominal breathing

One of the most important requirement in performing the Corpse pose is to breath properly. In order to check this, all you need to do is place your hands over your abdomen with your finger loosely interlocked while you exhale. In this way, you can make sure that you are breathing properly by observing and feeling your loosely inter locked fingers getting separated every time you inhale.

The corpse pose helps you to recognize your own body, to become aware about the feeling of tension and relaxation and eventually provide you with the ability to control them not only with your conscious mind but also with your subconscious mind. It is also a great way to calm yourself if you are worried and performing this pose regularly will enhance your power of concentration and help you to focus on a single task more powerfully than before.

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