Five Yoga poses that trigger weight loss

Yoga poses that trigger weight loss

Yoga being touted as a form of psychological exercise has long preceded its physical scope. However, in our remarkably sedentary modern era, a fit body is almost as important as a fit mind. In this regard, there are quite a few Yoga poses that particularly work well on your metabolism, and thus ultimately result in losing your weight. Moreover, they are also good for building up your lean muscles for a more toned body.

1. Willow Pose

Another classic standing pose, this posture is nigh perfect for that refined essence of balance and concentration. While standing firmly, you need to shift the weight of your body to your right leg (which acts as the only support), while the sole of your left foot rests upon your right thigh at a perpendicular. One can also rest the left sole upon the right calf, but care should be taken not to rest it upon the knee. The effect of the exercise directly results in toning and developing the side of your abs.

2. Eagle Pose

An interesting looking pose, this posture requires you to bend your knees while standing. Then you ‘wrap’ your right leg around your (still standing) left leg, while fixing your foot and ankle along the left calf (looking like a spiraling pattern). Moving on to the upper part of your body, you also cross your arms, and then hold them upright in front of your chest for 30 seconds. This exercise also helps in building your leg muscles other than enhancing your metabolism.

3. Twisted Chair Pose

A standing pose that helps with circulation and metabolism, you need to bend your knees and bring down your hips, as if sitting on an imaginary chair. Then you bring palms together in front of your chest. Finally you have to twist your spine so that your right elbow touches your left knee, and then keep this posture for 30 seconds.

4. Bow Pose

This is a sort of an inverse exercise which might be a tad bit complex for first time practitioners. The posture requires you to bend your body inversely like a bow, with your hands holding on to your feet from behind, and your chest consequently rising up from the ground. The beneficial effect results in enhanced flexibility and improved back muscles.

5. Boat Pose

Also known as Navasana, this abs and spine flexing posture requires you to move your knees towards your chest. This is to be done with the lower pelvic region as the ground support. Now, you have to move up your straightened legs along a linear line, so that they form around 45 degrees with the ceiling. This should be done with your spine being still kept firm without hunching. However, if your back begins to bend, you should stop straightening your legs for a half boat pose.

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