Yoga poses that are especially useful for men


Cannot say how and when people started associating yoga to something that is only for women. However, this mentality is absolutely wrong but still many men prefer to have this mentality over the one that makes men like yoga just like women do. Men who are skeptic about yoga probably are ignorant of its real powers and think of it to be a boring thing, wherein people sit on mats and do some chanting and breathing for some time. Such men need to get their facts right, as the chanting and breathing you think of as boring is a great way to gain physical strength and mental peace.

Such men can go through all the researches that speak volumes of yoga’s capabilities and if convinced can follow these following poses, which can be of great help enhancing their physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Warrior One

Men like doing high impact exercises, as they think that is the only way to gain strength. No man can do such high impact exercises if their body does not have the enough strength. Some of the yoga poses, especially the warrior one pose helps men stretch their hips and shoulders, eventually gaining strength, which allows their body to do high impact exercises. It provides the needed protection and stability to the sensitive joints, which comes handy while doing the high impact exercises.

Tree (Vriksasana)

A standing pose that improves your capacity to focus, strengthens your ankles, calves, and thigh muscles, and makes the groin area so strong. The focus and strength this pose gives you certainly helps you a lot with your high impact exercises and improves your stamina that helps you have a better sex life as well.

Boat Pose (Navasana)

Like any other guy you like to show off your abs, and you think you can only get those abs in a gym. Try out this boat pose and see how you get perfect abs in sometime. This pose also helps stimulate your prostate gland and makes your pelvic region so strong and flexible, and stimulates your digestive system.

Frog Pose

You will love this pose, as it helps tone and strengthen your leg muscles and to improve your sexual health altogether. Refrain if you suffer from some knee issues or haemorrhoids, and stop practice if your knees strain a lot. Take a squat position on your toes, keep your heels together and your feet apart, and use your fingertips to gain balance. Inhale through your nose, lower your head facing your knees and stand up. Do all this while keeping your fingers in touch with the floor and finally exhale. Repeat this pose at least ten times every day.

Bridge Pose

Feeling tension in the torso is a common problem both men and women suffer from today. Tension and some pain in this area cause difficulty in breathing, and many other physical activities, causing major difference in the sexual stamina of men. Bridge pose is ideal for getting rid of any such tension in the upper body, as it relieves tight muscles.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

We call it the downward facing dog pose that is one superb yoga pose that releases tension in all those areas that challenge free physical movement in men – the calves, arms, shoulders, hamstrings, back, and hips. It stretches your entire body while giving a lot of toughness to your arms and legs.

Men who believe that yoga is just a chick stuff, they must put in some efforts to know yoga in its real sense and realize that it is equally important and beneficial for men, as it is for women.

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