Best Yoga poses that help you develop strong shoulders

Bow Pose to develop strong shoulders

Shoulders form an important part of our upper body, especially when it comes down to the physique of a man. They relate to the crucial component of the body’s core system, and thus equate to our strength. And, fortunately for us amateurs, there are some Yoga positions that particularly work upon our shoulders, to enhance both their flexibility and overall firmness.

Cobra Pose

This pose entails your body to lie on its belly, while your palms are aligned along your firm chest. Then you squeeze your legs together to create a sort of leverage for slightly lifting up your chest and shoulders. The posture can be held for around 10 seconds and then again repeated.

Bridge Pose

This is an inverse position which flexes and massages your thyroid gland (thus stimulating hormone production). For the pose, you require to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet slightly apart. Then you need to reach your heels with your fingertips. Finally, when this is achieved, you have to raise your hips from the ground by pressing through your knees and heels. During this posture, you need to take your arms up and keep them grounded below the glutes. After this you need to roll your shoulder blades for around 45 seconds.

Bow Pose

This is a sort of an inverse exercise which might be a tad bit difficult for the amateurs. The posture requires you to bend your body inversely like a bow, with your hands holding on to your feet from behind (the abdominal part uses the soft bed as the support). A constant breathing process supplements the balancing act, which can be done for around 30 seconds. The beneficial effect results in enhanced flexibility of shoulders and back strength.

Extended side angle

This standing pose requires the same leg setting as the previous two entries. However, the arms need to be kept in a relaxed T position. Now, you have to rest your right arm upon your right knees, and swing your left arm overhead at the angle. This angle should be determined by the linear alignment of your left hand fingers extending right up to your left ankles.

Pyramid Pose

This pose requires a prior set of breathing patterns, alternating between inhaling and exhaling. Now, you would need to firmly standing upright, and then lean over your left leg. The leaning position should be determined by the same level of your chest with the right thigh. The hands should be totally behind (by grabbing opposite elbows), while your gaze should be fixated along the end of your nose.

The Scorpion Pose

One of the craftiest poses to master, the posture entails the nigh perfect frame of a scorpion. This means you have lay on your forearms as the support on the ground, with your head in a forward position. The legs are to be taken off from the ground (towards the ceiling) much like in the headstand position. However, this time your balance becomes even more pertinent, as the feet have to be carefully adjusted so that they could touch the very tip of your head, much like the inverted tail of a scorpion.

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