Soothing yoga poses you can do in bed

Soothing yoga poses you can do in bed

The good thing about Yoga has always been its varied applications to suit to our individual needs. In fact, the discipline is so vast and flexible that it can be adapted to produce great results, both in relation to our mind and body. In this essence, some Yoga poses can be practiced even from the comfort of your bed, as opposed to the rough and hard exercising yoga mats. However, one should also get rid of those soft pillows and silky bed sheets to make the surface somewhat firm yet comfortable.

Happy Baby

A pretty simple pose for stretching your lower back and toning your hips, the posture requires you to lie on the bed. Then you need to bend your knees (with toe facing upwards), while you hold on to your feet with your hands. Now, you need to use your lower body strength to pull those knees downwards, and keep the pose for around five to ten breaths.

Seated Forward Bend

A good pose for wholesome stretching of our backs and legs, this posture requires you to sit in the bed, with your legs fully extended forward. Now, you need to press your knees onto the bed surface, thus creating a sort of leverage for slightly bending your upper body part forward. This in turn creates an angle with the fixed waist, which is lowered for a good stretch around the back and legs.

Cobra Pose

This pose entails your body to lie on its belly, while your palms are aligned along your firm chest. Then you squeeze your legs together to create a sort of leverage for slightly lifting up your chest and shoulders. The posture can be held for around 10 seconds and then again repeated.

Bow Pose

This is a sort of an inverse exercise, which might be a tad bit difficult for the amateurs. The posture requires you to bend your body inversely like a bow, with your hands holding on to your feet from behind (the abdominal part uses the soft bed as the support). A constant breathing process supplements the balancing act, which can be done for around 30 seconds. The beneficial effect results in enhanced flexibility and back strength.

Child’s Pose

The name very well describes its directed patrons. Developed for children and adults, the restorative pose entails a full kneeling on the bed with your toes touching together. Your torso is to be then laid down upon the thigh support along the bed mattress. The favorable effects can result in increased elasticity to our hips, ankles and thighs.

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