Review Of A Wonderful Wellness Destination – The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan by Dr Prem Jagyasi

The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

Do you know what can make a wellness stay more happening? A luxurious and relaxing spa center! This is when I traveled to this glorious land of Kazakhstan. I had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional wellness treatments, which made my visit even more worth it. I received these amazing services at Bali Spa Centre, Grand Hotel Tien Shan. It is located in the biggest and most beautiful city inthis country, Almaty.

The hotel is managed by my good friend Oksana Svetenko. I was thrilled and excited to check out the magical property of the hotel. Elegant massage rooms, uniquely designed interiors, high-tech workout rooms, ancient natural health & beauty recipes, and so many attractive features to create delightful wellness experiences. It was suchagreat treat to my mind, body, and soul that it motivated me to pen a few words about it.

Finest Wellness Services at Bali Spa Centre

Dr Prem and the The Bali Spa Center staff discussionThe super luxury SPA center ‘Bali’ invites you to feel the royalness of an exotic island. I personally find this Spa center as the heart of this beautiful place that highly increases its value and uniqueness. Various beneficial therapies are provided here with a personalized touch to give you the ultimate relaxation, good health, and pleasure like never before!

These are some of the finest services of the Bali Spa Centre:

Turkish Hammam at The Bali Spa Center

  • Hydro Massage– This therapeutic massage uses water at different pressures foran effective massage. Hydro massage is useful for reducing stress, relieving pain & stiffness in your muscles, etc.
  • Jacuzzi – This hot water massaging action relaxes and soothes your body. The therapist adjusts the temperature while you soak in the warm water in the jacuzzi for the best beneficial effects.
  • Saunas – Saunas are great for healing damaged tissues and muscles. It also enhances and accelerates the recovery of wounds. The therapy removes various toxins from your body through sweat in the process.
  • Aroma Steam Therapy– Aroma Steam Therapy provides the most powerful rejuvenating and healing experience. It uses quality essential oils and is one of the best treatments for maintaining and improving overall well-being.
  • Finnish Bath– This treatment is a substantial part of the Estonian and Finnish culture. It is a type of sauna in which the steam is produced by the water on hot stones. It works amazingly for detoxification, improves immunity and breathing, prevents fluid retention, and reduces stress & anxiety.
  • Turkish Hammam– It is a traditional Turkish way of bathing that involves special techniques, body scrubbing, massages, etc. It improves skin quality, eliminates toxins, provides deep relaxation, and much more.
  • Solarium – This procedure is done in a specially equipped room with sunbeds, sunlamps, and glasses, which helps in giving a special sun tan experience.
  • Ultra-Modern Technogym– This room was filled with high-tech gym equipment and tools for high-quality workouts and a good time to sweat yourself!

Various Types of Massages that You Can Choose

The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

Segmental Massage

  • Hands
  • Neck Area
  • Legs

Myofascial Massage

  • Triggering Processing

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Hands
  • Back
  • Legs

Acupressure Body Massage

  • Acupressure + Massage
  • Relaxing Treatments
  • Bali Massage
  • Aloe vera Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Anti Stress Massage
  • Tranquility Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Aromasoul Massage
  • Back Aroma Massage
  • Thousands of Touches

Therapy & Rejuvenation Treatments

  • Shiraz Procedure
  • Chakra Massage
  • Herbal Massage
  • 4 hands Jimbaran Massage
  • Spicy Boreh Massage Procedure
  • Netra Procedure
  • Shirodhara Procedure

Powerful & Strong Treatments

  • Turkish Massage
  • LomiLomi Massage
  • Back and Neck Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage


  • Coffee Peeling
  • Marine Peeling
  • Oriental Peeling
  • Cream Peeling


  • Chocolate Wraps
  • Monticello Wraps
  • Detox Wraps
  • Ocean Gifts Wraps

Body Slimming Treatments

  • Cleopatra’s Secret
  • Chocolate Massage
  • Milk and Honey Massage

Treatments for Dear Moms

  • The Happy Mothers
  • The Beauty of Waiting

Facial Treatments

  • Facial Massage
  • Tranquility Mask
  • Algae Express Mask
  • Men’s Territory Mask
  • Time to Anti-Age Mask
  • Active Cleaning Mask
  • The beauty of Youth

Feet Treatments

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
  • Spicy Foot Care Procedure
  • Aroma Reflex Therapy

Restaurants Food Services at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

Restaurants Food Services at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

Nauryz Restaurant

This restaurant has a capacity for 70 people and serves European and Traditional food. The spacious and comfortable atmosphere is just perfect for worthy celebrations, family &relatives company, and also suitable for business talks.

Lobby Cafe Kezdesu

In the center of the atrium you will find this very unusually 60- seated charming cafe ‘Kezdesu’ that serves snacks at any time of the day and night. You can enjoy light lunches, early breakfasts, or sweet treats made by their magnificent bakers. And trust me, you will be delighted with the service and the ambience here!

Cigara Club 

TheCigara Club Hall decorated witha variety of whiskey color shades and soft textures creates a different atmosphere altogether. With aseating capacity of 38 people, the restaurant serves an exclusive collection of high-quality cigars and professionally pickedthe world’s best Cognacs, whiskey, and other first-class liquors. The jazz aesthetics and subdued lighting give it a calm and informal touch.

Exclusive Catering Services

  • Outdoor service in open nature
  • Food delivery to office places
  • Services for corporate parties, gala dinners, buffets, receptions, banquets, receptions, cocktails, and coffee breaks
  • Baby food for camps and schools

My Overall Experience

Dr Prem at stunning Grand Tien Shah HotelThe Bali Spa Center is an absolute hidden gem. I was blessed to have an amazing wellness experience at this stunning Grand Tien Shah Hotel. Each session here is like a ceremony where age-old traditional Balinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Chinese medicine have been poured to achieve tranquility, balance, and new sensations of life.I met with Natalia, the wellness director who took me around the incredibly build amenities, massage rooms, and other therapy areas and also explained to me the methods and benefits of these treatments.

Dr Prem enjoying Turkish Hammam bathI initially went for saunas and had a very relaxing time in a sophisticated wide room. I particularly enjoyed the Turkish Hammam bath that I received from a professional Bali therapist, who made sure I was comfortable. The room was warm and spectacularly designed. I have had the Turkish Hamman bath previously as well, but this was the first time I did it with the coffee peeling method, which made it exceptionally amazing. Every staff here was friendly, and welcoming, and ensured to make me feel at my best.

Dr Prem receiving Four hand Massage at The Bali Spa CenterLater, I also received Four Hand Massage with the synchronization method, which was performed by two therapists who worked together in the process. The services that I received had various health benefits. The services that I received had various health benefits. All the treatments and services in this wellness center can be customized as per the needs of an individual. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool zone, with a personal shower space that gave a tasteful and stylish edge to the entire area. I was very impressed with the quality of stay, customized services, and treatments provided here.

Dr with hotel staffAlso, anyone with kids who wants to visit the place should know that children below 6 years cannot use the spa zone. You can also talk with the hotel staff to know the proper details in that case. Except for the hotel and spa center, the location itself is supremely mesmerizing. You can easily wander around in your free time, as the centric location of this city has lots of clubs, bars, restaurants, and other attractive spots to visit. I highly recommend you to visit the Bali Center at the Grand Hotel Tien Shan and enjoy this valuable wellness experience!

Dr prem during the visit of The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

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