A Wellness Review and Partnership – Swissotel Wellness Resort, Almaty Kazakhstan by Dr Prem Jagyasi


My last trip is something that you cannot miss knowing about! Want to know why? It was definitely nothing lesser than a delightful trip! With the mesmerizing location in nature, delicious food, immensely spacious landscape, incredible traditional medicine, and alternative therapies, this trip was simply another word for a high-quality healthy lifestyle. I received this amazing experience on my business trip at Swissotel Wellness Resort, Almaty Kazakhstan.

I was invited here along with my associate Oksana Svetenkoto evaluate this recently renovated hotel now converted into a unique medical wellness center. It is situated in the forest area on the outskirts of Almaty and is the best escape from traffic, pollution, and daily stress. The key feature of this place includes the Medical and Fitness Center, a Wellness Restaurant, Mineral Water Thermal Pools, and Family Purovel SPA.I was really impressed with the treatments and equipment like the hyperbaric chamber, cryotherapy machines, and many other services provided here.

Amazing Treatments & Equipment in the Medical & Fitness Centre

advanced treatments at Swissotel

One of the main advantages of staying in the Swissotel Wellness Resort is its wellness centerin the most elegant buildings which includes many medical and fitness services. The center is full of advanced treatments, up-to-date designed equipment & machines, and highly qualified specialists. The doctors here diagnose, consult, and prescribe the right treatment to help you build, improve, and maintain your health and overall well-being.

These are the treatments provided at Swissotel Wellness Centre of Almaty, Kazakhstan 



  • Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
    Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

    It is one of the most effective treatments for revitalizing and rejuvenating your body. It quickly delivers all the required vitamins through vitamin drip bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Kneipp Walk
    Kneipp Walk

    It involves walking in baths with different comfortable temperatures.The hydromassage relieves tension and soothes the muscles. It also accelerates your blood circulation, strengthens heart muscles and blood vessels, promotes regeneration and immunity, saturates oxygen in cells, and slows down aging.

  • Plasmolifting Cortexil PRP Neck, Face, Decollete
    Plasmolifting Cortexil PRP Neck, Face, Decollete

    It is a modern injection method, in which platelet-rich plasma from the blood of the patient itself is injected into the affected area of the patient’s tissues. It stimulates vascular growth, cell division, and collagen synthesis. Thus, cell regeneration is repeatedly activated in the tissues.

  • Mineral Water
    Dr Prem tasting Mineral water

    Mineral water here is extracted from the Alatau Almaty Wellness Centre’s own wells. It is chloride sodium calcium water and is mineralized 5.7. It regulates the gastroduodenal system, normalizes motor evacuation and secretion of the digestive tract, enhances reparative process, and reduces aggressive gastric juices.

  • Salt Cave
    Salt Cave

    The rooms for this procedure are specially equipped. The floor, ceiling, and walls are covered with salts and the healthy air is produced by the device ‘halogenerator’ that grinds salts into 1-5micron particles. This mixture is delivered in the form of an aerosol in the air.

  • Hydrocolonotherapy

    Unhealthy eating habits can lead to toxin accumulations in your intestines, which can even reach an impressive amount of 5 to 25kgs! Hydrocolonotherapy is an effective, safe, and painless method of detoxification. It involves flushing your intestines with a decoction of herbs (from special apparatus) or water that removes toxins, mucus, faeces, parasites, and cleanses your intestines completely.

  • Hyperbaric Pressure Chambers

    updated machinery at SwissotelThis equipment known as hyperbaric chambers have an atmosphere saturated with (under pressure) a large amount of oxygen. As a result, blood, tissues, and organs receiveincreased oxygenation. It has shown beneficial results for chronic stress, insomnia, fatigue, faster healing for dermatological diseases, and removes toxins in the intercellular spaces.

  • Ozone Therapy
    Ozone Therapy

    The goal of this therapy is to improve blood flow in blood vessels and improve oxygen supply in organs. It has a wide range of therapeutic benefits such as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and analgesic effects. It is also widely known to treat various skin problems.

  • Couch JOUVENCE
    Couch JOUVENCE

    This treatment provides peace and other benefits in the state of weightlessness. In the procedure, the patient lies on the heated water mattress in a weightless state. Floating in this state relaxes and soothes the body, opens pores, and improves blood circulation.

  • UltraformerIII

    It is an advanced and contemporary SMAS lifting device. It is based on high-intensity focused ultrasound technology. It works by deep lifting of the SMAS Layer (Superficial musculoaponeurotic system) of your skin and the visible (age-related) sagging skin. This results in making your skin elastic, fresh, and smooth.

  • SOLARIIPL Hair Removal System
    SOLAR IPL Hair Removal System

    It is an advanced true square technology, which guarantees precise treatment with minimum side effects. It efficiently treats andhelps cope with several treatments at once such as facial skin rejuvenation, epilation of any body parts, vascular therapy, and acne andpigmentation treatment.

  • Erbium laser LUTRONIC ACTION II
    Erbium laser LUTRONIC ACTION II

    It uses a delicate device that is most effective for cosmetic treatments and elimination of aesthetic defects. It is used for clinical laser applications in scar correction, shinning peel procedure, general fractional rejuvenation, microablation, laser 11nt procedure, pigmentation disorders, and gynecological Action Petit lady procedure.

  • Physiotherapy

    This treatment uses ultrasound, heat, light, and electrical impulses to provide a supportive procedure for helping the body to recover from an injury or illness. It prevents risks of exacerbation for people with chronic diseases. The most advantage of this therapy is that it is natural and non-medicinal.

Some of the Great Deal Package Programs

Swissotel Wellness Resort, Almaty Kazakhstan

  • Detox + Anti-stress Program
  • Health Recovery Program

Services & Amenities of Swissotel Wellness Resort


Amenities of Swissotel Wellness Resort

  • Free Parking and Valet Parking
  • Free Highspeed Wifi
  • Variety of Pools
  • Tennis Court
  • Bar/ Lounge
  • Gym & Workout Room
  • Medical & Fitness Centre
  • Spa, Steam and Massage Rooms
  • Laundry Services
  • On-site Restaurants
  • Meeting Rooms
  • On-Site ATM
  • Shoeshine Service
  • Banquet Room
  • Picnic Area

Room Features

Swissotel facilities

  • Allergy-free Rooms
  • Fireplace
  • Minibar
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Walk-in Showers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Room Service

Room Types

Swissotel corridorMountain View, Landmark View, Family Rooms, Non-smoking Rooms, Suites.

Languages Spoken

Russian, Turkish, German, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Arabic, & Malay

Well-being Services

jet spray therapy machine

  • Saunas
  • Purovel Spa & Sports
  • Jacuzzis & Whirlpools
  • Hammam
  • Thermal Spa

Kid’s Special

Swissotel pool

  • Club for children
  • Kids Pool
  • Meals for Kids
  • Indoor play area for Kids
  • Children Playground

Other Services

swissotel Service

  • Wheelchair Accessible Hotel
  • Stroller Availability
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Leisure & Activities
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Baggage Storage
  • 24×7 Security
  • 24×7 Front Desk

My Overall Experience

dr prem in Swissotel

I could not be more grateful to the Hotel’s General Manager Mr. Ozgur Celik and Resort Coordinator Nazym for giving me this blissful experience. In my opinion, it was one of the best medical wellness resorts I have been to. In fact, they even have a restaurant wholly dedicated to wellness. I even tasted the mineral water there, which comes directly from natural local sources. I also saw the room of traditional medicines and modern medicines services and was amazed by how brilliantly everything was equipped and designed.

While on the stay at the Swissotel Wellness Resort, Mr. Ozgur also explained to me all about the resort, the concept behind it, the benefits of all the treatments they provided, and itshuge impact on the wellness society. There are several other spots that you can visit such as First President Park (6 km away), Dolphin Entertainment Centre (8 km away),Monument to ZhambylZhabayev (2.3 km away), and Christ the Savior Cathedral (5.7 km away) from the property that you can enjoy while wandering the city.

The resort, its green and clean surroundings, and its vibrant environment is a relaxing and pleasant place initself. The staffs who served me were super friendly, polite, and warm, which made my trip super comfortable. Overall, it was truly awonderful experience. We have been invited to co-ordinate further with the resort to help them to grow business. So, I and Oksana, who is an expertinthe Kazakhstan wellness industry are looking forward to providing them with more resources, activities, and solutions.

In fact, I would highly recommend this amazing medical and wellness center to anyone who wants to experience a great wellness stay. Almaty International Airport is the nearest airport which is 23 km away from the hotel if you travel here by flight. I left the place with tremendous knowledge andexciting experiences after enjoying a pleasant stay. You can also request for a travel service to the wellness resort on request. You can have this cool experience for yourself by visiting this amazing place and share your experience too. I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed!

The Grand Soviet Union History of Kazakhstan

Golden autumn in the capital of Kazakhstan. Modern buildings and blue sky

Apart from the services, this wellness resort has a history that we all should know. I learnt the historical value of place only after I came to this place.This amazing land of Kazakhstan comes with an interesting background of Soviet Union history. Kazakhstan was historically inhabited by nomadic empires and groups. In antiquity, the land was inhabited by the Iranian Nomadic Scythians and was later expanded to the southern part of the modern country by the Achaemenid Persian Empire. The land was also inhabited by the Turkic Nomads from as early as the 6th century.

Later in the 13th Century, the land was subjugated under Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire. However, the Kazakh Khanate successfully conquered much of the land in the 15th Century that then formed the territory of Modern Kazakhstan. Further, the people of Kazakhstan emerged as distinct Turkic groups and raided Russia for the entire 18th century leading them to move to the Kazakh Steppe. By the time of the mid-19th Century, Kazakhstan was nominally ruled by Russians and liberated the slaves captured by the Kazakhs in the year 1859.

Following the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War subsequent outbreak in the year 1917, the Kazakhstan territory was reorganized several times. In 1936, the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was established within the Soviet Union. During the Soviet Union Dissolution (1988 to 1991), Kazakhstan was the last country to declare its independence. This beautiful land is now an attraction to many tourists for its traditions, arts, culture, mountains, landscapes, and lakes. While Almaty is the biggest city in this country, this wellness resort is a perfect place for wellness retreats, rejuvenation, and valuable experiences. This particular resort has a history that you must get acquainted to while visiting the place and witness the historical transformation to its current state.

landscape at Swissotel

Reception at Swissotel

wellness restaurant at Swissotel

dr prem during his visit to Swissotel


Swissotel Wellness Resort

Swissotel interiors

treatment chamber at Swissotel

treatments at Swisshotel

Swissotel treatment facilities

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