Health benefits of shatavari for women

Shatavari is the name of a plant used highly for fertility related treatment in Ayurveda. This plant is a climber and grows in tropical climate of India, Asia and Africa. The word shatavari means ‘the wife of 100’ which refers to the reproductive strength of women who take it. The botanical name of this plant is asparagus officinalis. A number of health benefits of shatavari for women can be listed. Therefore, it is rightly called the queen of herbs. This herb has been used since more than five thousand years to cure a variety of problems in women.

Shatavari is a single cure for a variety of health challenges related to women. Since it is a totally natural herb, it can be taken even without any particular health problem. Anyone can take shatavari since it is nothing but a natural herb and has no negative side effects. Following are the few most popular health benefits of shatavari for women.

Health benefits of shatavari for women

As a female tonic

Health benefits of shatavari for womenShatavari is suitable for everyday intake and can be taken as a tonic. Women who consume shatavari on a regular basis have a reduced risk of hormonal imbalances, loss of libido, and problems related to menstruation, lactation, digestion and immunity.

Women are working both inside and outside the house today and are doing a terrific job. With too many responsibilities in hand, she cannot afford to get bogged down by such health challenges. Due to the multiple health benefits of shatavari, a daily dose of this herb can work wonders for a modern woman of today. It improves the overall immunity and fills you with the energy to perform your daily activities.

Helps maintain hormonal balance

Many young girls today face the problem of hormonal imbalance. They gain weight, get irregular cycles and become irritable due to hormonal imbalances. There are many other symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, extraordinary hair growth, loss of interest in the opposite sex etc.

Hormonal imbalance also affects concentration and self image of a woman. When the hormones are in place, the woman feels a sense of completeness and vitality. These imbalances are taken care of by shatavari.

It contains phyto-estrogens that are natural hormones which can be safely consumed by women. If a woman has low level of the female hormones, she can definitely balance them through regular shatavari intake.

Natural aphrodisiac to improve libido

Natural aphrodisiac to improve libidoAnother great benefit of this herb is to improve the sexual desire in women. Sometimes, due to stress or some other reason the sex desire of a woman goes down. This affects the different aspects of her life.

Shatavari is a natural aphrodisiac that increases the sensuality in a woman. She is more receptive to sexual stimulus and hence can enjoy a better sex life. Ayurveda also talks about it allowing women to go deeper and experience divine spiritual love.

Promotes reproductive health

Looking at the stressful lifestyle we lead in today’s fast paced world, it is important to take care of one’s reproductive health. Our reproductive organs are also affected by stress. Infertility is not uncommon in women these days. Though there are various methods to reduce stress and live healthy, a regular dose of shatavari will definitely keep the reproductive organs healthy.

The reason behind this is simple. This herb helps in purifying the blood and also nourishes it. Hence, the natural fertility of the woman’s body is supported well. Shatavari nourishes the ovum and improves their quality. Infertility issues end and women are able to conceive after taking shatavari regularly for some time.

Supports post delivery care

post-delivery-careWomen need a lot of care during and after pregnancy. It is important for a woman to remain fit even after delivery because she has to take care of her baby and also of herself. Also, since she is breastfeeding, if she does not get the right nutrients, the baby will also not get them. The quality of nutrition received at this stage affects the health of the child lifelong.

They are recommended to take extra vitamin and mineral substitutes especially calcium and Iron during pregnancy. Shatavari has bioflavinoids, vitamin B, folic acid, calcium and zinc that are vital nutrients pre and post delivery.

Improves lactation:

Shatavari also improves lactation so that the baby gets sufficient milk and grows up to be healthy.  One of the health benefits of shatavari  is to increase the production of galactagogue, a substance boosting the production of breast milk. More research is still required to confirm the safety of using shatavari supplements for this purpose.

Reduces anxiety:

Reduces anxietyThis is another significant health benefit of shatavari for women. Supplements of shatavari have been traditionally used in combating anxiety and depression in women. A study with rats showed shatavari can reduce anxiety through interaction with serotonin and GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) systems. Its antidepressant effect has also been observed in another study with rats.

Supports immune system and overall health

Though shatavari is famous and most useful for fertility care, it also has many other benefits like enhanced overall immunity. It also improves digestive system by reducing inflammation in the stomach and stomach ulcers.

It is a great herb for stress relief and also helps in improving kidney health because it purifies the blood. It is also a good liver tonic. If a change in environmental condition is predicted, a small dose of shatavari is recommended as it prepares the body to fight the stress.

Relief for pre-menstruation, menstruation and menopause systems

menstruation Menstruation can be a tough time of the month for many ladies. Although it is a natural process, there are many problems associated with it. PMS is not taken seriously by most women but they have been found to be very powerful.

There is a mental torture that women go through during this time in varied proportions. Shatavari helps is overcoming symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, memory loss, anxiety and dryness, etc.

The usual cramps, inflammation and water retention in the body is also greatly reduced through this natural remedy. Women that have hysterectomy or are going through menopause phase of their lives also find great relief in the symptoms through the consumption of this herb.

How to reap the health benefits of shatavari for women?

Shatavari can be taken as a juice by grinding the roots or as herbal tea by boiling the roots in water. There are many Ayurvedic brands that make shatavari powder and tablets for easy consumption. A tablet is taken twice a day before meals which is more convenient than consuming the fresh shatavari plant.

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