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Medical tourism is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those wishing to undergo a medical procedure/treatment albeit the extremely high healthcare costs in the US and the UK. The number of medical tourism destinations is […]

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

A recent report suggests that the number of Canadians leaving the country to receive medical treatment overseas has increased drastically over the past few years. The study noted that over 52,000 Canadians opted for medical

Medical Tourism in Canada

Most of the media attention given to medical tourism focuses on the growing trend of Americans seeking out more cost-effective medical services in other countries due to the escalating prices of healthcare in the US.

Medical Tourism in US

With global medical tourism sector booming, Brazil is doing great in establishing itself successfully as one of the top medical tourism destinations preferred by medical tourists. And why not? Since people are clubbing their vacationing

Medical Tourism in Brazil

In comparison to its Middle East counterparts, the medical tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is not highly developed or well-promoted. However, with the abundance of wealth and luxury that this oil-rich country has, the medical

Medical Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Even though New Zealand is a relatively newcomer in the medical tourism business world, it is still attracting several patients from all around the world. New Zealand has all the key aspects to make it

Medical Tourism in New Zealand

While trying to compete with other Asian countries dominating the Medical Tourism market, Philippines is slowly starting to be recognized as a destination with high quality healthcare provided at a very affordable price-tag. The American

Medical Tourism in Philippines

Quick turnaround in services and high-quality low-cost treatments continue to drive the medical tourism market in Lithuania. Of late, more Brits are thronging this East European country for quick and timely medical assistance. Truly, they

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Poland has slowly been recognized as a top medical tourism destination in Europe. This is mainly due to Poland’s induction and acceptance to the European Union. Poland’s accession to this esteemed international coalition has resulted

Medical Tourism in Poland

Portugal is beginning to come up in the world of medical tourism and is setting to continue growing to new levels within the next few years. Offering a considerably cheaper price of health services in

Medical Tourism in Portugal
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