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The medical tourism industry needs better solutions to fast overcome the lull phase, and this could be achieved by integrating wellness. Global healthcare burden in tremendous with more than 50% of countries unable to provide […]


Medical tourism is the fastest-growing industry where about millions of people travel from one location to another across the globe for quality treatments. Turkey has emerged as one of the major medical tourism destinations. It

An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

The medical tourism industry has seen a sudden spike in recent years owing to skyrocketing healthcare costs in Western countries and the easy access to quality healthcare facilities in developing countries. Of late, the PPP

Understanding the benefits of PPP in medical tourism

Technology and Medical Tourism are two words that best complement each other. Medical tourism is gaining heights because of the technological advancement lending themselves to use for the medical tourism industry. Technological advancements have led

Role of Technology in Medical tourism Growth by Dr Prem

The growth and potential of emerging medical tourism industry is tremendous given the growing healthcare cost and rising incidences of non-communicable lifestyle diseases. Over 75% of healthcare insurers expect healthcare costs to rise in the

growth and potential of Emerging Medical Tourism Industry

The islands of Barbados are famous tourist destination. The tourism industry is one of the major industries here and represents nearly 25% of the gross domestic product. Nearly 1 million tourists visit the coasts of

Medical Tourism in Barbados and Caribbean

Reporters have given Taiwan the title of “sleeping giant” in the Asian Medical Tourism industry.Taiwan received more than 300,000 medical tourists in 2015, and the number has increased over the years.  The country has so

Medical Tourism in Taiwan

In comparison to its Middle East counterparts, the medical tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is not highly developed or well-promoted. However, with the abundance of wealth and luxury that this oil-rich country has, the medical

Medical Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Cosmetic surgery is presently much in demand among medical tourists from all around the world, with some of the Asian countries becoming the favorite destinations for such treatments. Cost being the primary reason why most

Cosmetic Surgery in Medical Tourism

Insightful video on medical tourism growth Medical tourism is growing appreciably. How and why? This educative video analyzes these factors. Are people comfortable travelling beyond the borders for healthcare services? With the globalization of healthcare

understanding medical tourism with Dr Prem Jayasi
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