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Medical Tourism and Online Reputation in Turkey – An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

Medical tourism is the fastest-growing industry where about millions of people travel from one location to another across the globe for quality treatments. Turkey has emerged as one of the major medical tourism destinations. It is among the top 10 medical tourism countries worldwide. Online reputation is a key factor that has a huge contribution to flourishing medical tourism. It can either make your business or break it. It is the main source that medical tourists rely on before choosing a country, hospital, treatments, doctors, etc in foreign countries.

I had an interview with Nadezhda Koshan, where we talked about medical tourism in Turkey, the importance of online reputation, drawbacks, ideas & tips, and requirements to focus on for improving every medical tourism business. It was exciting and informative at the same time while Nadezhda gave me informative details about her work. Keep reading to understand how this business has a positive impact on making medical care more effective when done right.

Excerpts of the Interview –

Dr Prem Jagyasi, medical and wellness tourism consultant

Dr Prem: Why and how did you choose to get into the medical tourism industry in Turkey?

Nadezhda:We are aware that for the past few decades, the industry of medical tourism has become very popular. It’s one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. But we also know that medical tourism is increasingly preferred and is an easy way of getting the kind of treatment that can’t be accessed in the local hospitals. In Istanbul, I met many companies that are trying to raise their online reputation but without any idea what their view and mission are. That motivated me to provide the preferable services for people with the proper understanding of what’s actually needed to grow this business. So, I decided to make it my mission to help patients to get the right treatment in Turkey.

Dr Prem:Why Turkey? What do you think are the advantages of getting medical treatments from here?

Nadezhda:Turkey is an amazing location. The country has brilliant connections with all other countries and also medical tourism is well-developed here. With its university, training & research hospitals, and private health institutions, it offers comprehensive health facilities in terms of medical health tourism services. Among the various branches, Turkey particularly enjoys demand from people seeking treatment for internal diseases, orthopedics, gynecology, and obstetrics. Also, Plastic and Dental surgeries are some of the popular treatments provided in the country’s health centers. It helped in offering high-quality services making it convenient and accessible.

nterview with Nadezhda Koshan

Dr Prem:What are the essential factors you would recommend focusing on to boost medical tourism as a whole?

Nadezhda:Medical tourism requires having a complete understanding of the medical field and organizational skills but the most important is empathy and fellow feeling. It is very important to stand in the patients’ shoes and understand their fears, requirements, and concerns.

However, as I said before, along with providing patients with a pleasant experience, we also need to focus on the company’s online reputation. In this digitally developed world, online reputation plays a vital role in making happen in the first place. But unfortunately, indeed, many do not know how to maintain a company’s online reputation, which must be focused on.

I and Erisa live in Turkey and as foreigners, we know all operations inside. It is important to show the best face of your company to the people for making a trustful connection. As for me being a specialist in medical tourism is not only about treatments and company services, butit’s also about psychological support. Also, in my opinion, knowing the culture, languages, treatments, benefits, and doctors in the country is one of the major key points to focus on for providing successful services. Thereby it is necessary to have proper information about everything for providing better options to medical tourists.

Dr Prem:Why is the online reputation of the company important? According to you what is the best way for building a better online reputation?

Nadezhda: Recently, there have been a lot of online agencies and companies providing services in the field of medical tourism. It is very pleasing that there are many people with a mission to help other people to be healthy and live a quality life. The online reputation goal is to portray the company in the best possible light. It increases the demand for the company and also improves its long-term potential in the industry.

In order to create an online reputation, first of all, you should be transparent and empathetic towards the people seeking medical care. Making transparent content is very necessary, as it helps to make a genuine image of the company. The patients should be able to understand that our mission is to help our patients as they are our team. They should also be able to see the faces of real people through reviews to know us better.

Moreover, an online reputation requires sincerity.  If you sincerely want to help, be sincere first of all with yourself, know your mission, and be sincere in all your actions, only in this way we can raise the level of medical tourism and make the best online reputation for ourselves.

Nadezhda Koshan talking about online reputation

Dr Prem: According to you, what are the reasons for the rapid growth of medical tourism in Turkey?

Nadezhda:From its geographical location to its experienced healthcare workers, there are many reasons for the high interest in Turkey. In fact, government incentives also played a key role in the country’s success in health tourism.An increasing trend has been observed in the number of health tourists coming to Turkey in both the public and private sectors.

One of the most important reasons for the flow of patients toward Turkey is its sophisticated facilities, qualified doctors, and high-quality services, provided at more affordable prices.As reasons for people seeking medical treatment outside of their own countries are diverse, but the desire to be treated by qualified personnel at a convenient cost is considered the leading driver for this industry.

Dr Prem:Out of curiosity, our reader would like to know, after obtaining all the medical documents and patient details, how do you prepare the entire treatment plan?

Nadezhda:After accepting the patient’s documents, information, and requirements, we initially communicate with them as a friend and listen to their complaints and concerns. We then translate their medical reports and consult with the best doctors suitable for their treatments. Further, we provide options to our patients, like options A, B, or C. Once they make their choice, we create a treatment program, where the schedules for their medical care are prepared.

Then we cooperate with them and make an agreement for better clarity and transparency. Once the cost of the treatment is analyzed, we place an appointment for them. Additionally, we select and organize transfers and hotels as per their need for making their stay comfortable. Then as and when you arrive at the location, we meet you at the airport and accompany you throughout your journey.

An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

Dr Prem:As per your opinion, what do you think are the main causes that people choose to travel abroad for health treatments?

Nadezhda:The main reason for people traveling abroad for health care and treatments is specialized medical services. When they require high-level surgeons, experts, or advanced medical equipment for their treatments, they choose to go abroad where it is more affordable. In fact, a lot of time many services required by the patient are often not available in their countries. Also, public health services often have long waiting lists, which is not the case when you get treatments abroad.

Dr Prem:What things would you recommend medical tourists should consider before traveling abroad for their medical treatments?

Nadezhda:Some of the important things that medical tourists must consider before traveling abroad for medical care are:

  • Do thorough research and investigation. There is huge competition in the medical tourism industry. Sadly, not all the medical facilities, clinics, and doctors are up to the mark as you may think. It is necessary that you research online, read reviews, etc rather than end up in an unsafe clinic with an untrained doctor. One can choose from JCI-accredited facilities across the world as per their requirement. JCIprovides an exclusive list of top-class facilities with high-quality patient care.
  • Carry all of your medical reports, including medical history, list of medicines you use or used, vitamins or supplements that you might be taking, etc. Also, list down your allergies or sensitives towards any ingredients you have. Create a medical record of all this information in one document or file and carry that with you. Not just that it comes in handy but it is also an excellent and quick solution in case of any emergencies.


Dr Prem:What do you think is one important thing that companies should consider from the point of view of a medical tourist?

Nadezhda:Definitely having a one-point contact person for the medical tourist is a MUST. Every company must consider this. Having one contact person prevents any inconvenience from happening and makes the foreign trip for the patient hassle-free and smooth.

This contact person will be in charge of all the activities right from picking them up from the airport to helping in having a comfortable trip. Things like language barriers, transportation, required vaccinations before entering some foreign nations, and a pleasant stay at hotels is all taken care of by the contact person. This way the patient does not feel lost, helpless, or frustrated in any way and is guided properly during his/her entire trip. In return, this promotes good relationships with the clients.

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