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For long, Greece has been regarded as the birthplace of medicinal science. It was also considered as one of the world’s leading holistic centers in ancient times. The recent surge of interest in holistic science […]

Medical Tourism in Greece

France holds quality healthcare and it happens to be the prime attraction for many medical travelers across Europe. Those who are not willing to accept long waiting queues for their treatment or are dissatisfied with

Medical Tourism in France

Most people who plan to go on medical tourism consider a destination that offers them high standards of healthcare at affordable costs. Czech Republic is one such destination that provides all this and much more

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Medical tourism is slowly becoming a key sector in the tourism industry along with eco-tourism and spa tourism. Compared to other North African counterparts, Tunisia is heavily marketing to the potential patients for their quality

medical tourism in Tunisia

Although medical tourism may have its myriad advantages, it has always been thought of as a money minting enterprise for the governments in several countries around the world. The US $60 billion worth industry has

The medical tourism in India is poised to grow at a steady rate and be an industry worth $3.9B by the end of 2015, according to the combined study conducted by FICCI and KMPG. India

The internet dominates the information landscape of the modern world. Information, which was earlier accessible to just a selected few, is now publically available with just a click. This sharing of information across borders is

After working hard all your life to provide your family with a decent living, it’s no wonder that you want to retire in a beautiful place with warm climate and live the rest of your

Italy is not considered as prime medical tourism destination as not a large number of individuals travel to the country to avail healthcare services. However, it should be known that Italy possesses second best healthcare

medical tourism in Italy
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