Dr Prem Jagyasi on Hot Trends – Excerpts from his speech at World Medical Tourism Congress Los Angeles USA

Dr Prem Jagyasi on Hot Trends

Dr. Prem, the award winning speaker, influencer and the leading medical and wellness tourism consultant delivered highly valuable insights on hot trends in medical tourism in the 10th World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC) staged in Los Angeles from 2nd-4th Oct’17.

WMTC – The most impressive interactive platform on medical tourism:

Dr Prem Jagyasi With Kelly Arnold Jenkins.

WMTC is the most comprehensive international healthcare meet highlighting the significance of the flourishing medical tourism industry, which has been of immense benefit to the stakeholders. The biggest platform of its kind gathers influentialpersonalities from global healthcare and tourism sector providing a golden opportunity to collaborate and create an infrastructure suitable for all.

This 3-day grand meet was graced by the presence of 150 speakers, 200 exhibitors and more than 2000 attendees. The agenda was vast encompassing all aspects of medical tourism of which the Healthcare Revolution Innovation Forum was of utmost significance.

Given the fact that global healthcare sector is experiencing revolutionary changes within a very short time span, conducting such a forum is very much relevant because it is these changes that would frame the future of medical tourism.

Conference Speakers

Dr Prem Smiling and Answering during a conference session

The speakers comprising the top brass of global health corporate delivered valuable insights worth watching. The views presented by the dignitaries backed by years of experience and expertise are expected to help in developing the infrastructure of the industry enhancing the opportunities in one hand and devising strategies to meet the growing challenges on the other.

A forum on medical tourism on such a big scale was graced by DrPrem Jagyasi, one of the most coveted speakers whose thoughts and opinions elevate the significance of such a high-profile forum by several degrees.

Global Healthcare Scenario

Dr Prem Jagyasi industry colleagues The dynamic global healthcare scenario is evolving rapidly with frequent advent of market disruptors creating new trends in medical treatments. Newer medical products are emerging with improved efficacy and less invasive procedures are making things easier for the patients.

Dr. Prem’s profile fits perfectly with the objective of the forum as he provided valuable insights on the hot trends of medical tourism, which are posed to be the key drivers in the growth of this sector.

Emphasizing on emerging disciplines – Stem cell treatments, regenerative medicine & genomics:

Dr Prem Jagyasi with friendsHis eloquent speech held the attention of the audience as he discussed at length about the immense prospects of stem cell treatment, regenerative medicine and genomics, the emerging disciplines which would have a great impact on the global healthcare landscape.

With improved research and development facilities, countries are fast developing expertise in thesenewer disciplines achieving great breakthroughs in treating chronic as well as complex ailments.

He stressed on the fact that relaxed regulations are helping many countries to provide attractive all-inclusive treatment packages to foreign medical travelers which include travel, accommodation, medicine, handling complications and pre and post operative care. These are rapidly increasing competitiveness in the sector as patients are willingly travelling to their preferred locations to avail the most advanced treatments.

In his speech, Dr. Prem pointed out the importance of pricing of packages, which has become much simpler devoid of any hidden complexities enabling the patients experience a better treatment outcome at a reasonable investment.

Reduced treatment errors – Marked improvement in medical tourism

Dr Prem Jagyasi industry colleagues

Dr. Prem by virtue of his extensive experience in medical tourism consultation highlighted another marked improvement in medical tourism where treatment errors have reduced appreciably.

He pointed out that hospitals are more proactive taking due care of post operative procedures and making the patients well aware of the same beforehand. This has led to better hospital-patient engagement where the chances of complications are minimized.

Need for more engagement-based promotion and smart networking:

Dr Prem Jagyasi industry colleagues

Dr Prem spoke of the immense importance of engagement-based promotion along with proper identification of the market segment. Patient engagement in healthcare is evolving fast and is likely to shape the future of this sector. In this digitally connected society, patients are getting more involved in their healthcare decision making and are always looking for trusted information online.

He urged the hospitals to engage more with the patients keeping them informed about the treatment procedure, pre operative and post operative measures that would help in improved decision making and better patient outcome.  He also stressed the need to cultivate a better networking with the partners because without their active participation, medical tourism cannot prosper.

Dr Prem Jagyasi industry colleagues

Dr Prem also networked with old and new industry colleagues which is always a delightful experience at site. Keep a watch on this website for more updates from Dr Prem’s upcoming speeches.

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