Ayurveda a major attraction in Indian medical tourism

If you have to choose any particular things, you will certainly go for the place, which is more popular for it. Like for example, if you have a choice of selecting between Naples and Nashville for your Margherita Pizza, I am sure which one you will go for. Same is the case with medical treatments, if you have to take a Thai massage, selecting between Bangkok and Brussels will not be difficult.


Ayurvedic medicine and its origin in India

In healthcare services, certain places develop more expertise compared to others, it could be because such procedure has been part of that country’s culture or was discovered centuries ago and has been perfected over the years. One example that comes to mind is of Ayurvedic medicine, which was invented in Indian centuries ago and practiced till now.


Ayurvedic medicine & therapeutic procedures

According to Ayurveda, all diseases are caused by commotions in a person’s mental stability and if one of the three states of mind known as Trigunas is misbalanced, then problems start occurring. The treatment thus involves use of natural products like herbal supplements, oils and juices as well as therapeutic procedures and massages in place of complex surgeries.

There are treatments, which work to cure specific disorders, let us briefly look at some of them in the following section.

  • Dhanyamla Dhara: In this treatment herb, infused liquid is gently warmed and applied all over patient’s body in rhythmical fashion for one hour every day for treating arthritic pain as well as post paralysis atrophy.
  • Nasyam: In case patient is suffering from brachial neuralgia, sinusitis, facial paralysis or headaches then this treatment proves to be quite useful. In Nasyam herbal powders and juices are applied from nostrils for one to two weeks as part of the treatment.
  • Sirodhara: In this procedure, medicated oils are flow over patient’s forehead for sixty minutes for treating problems like anxiety disorder, insomnia and several other problems.

Apart from these treatments, there are several others performed in Ayurveda and there are different total body care courses, which involves a combination of different procedures and aim to work as preventative care against diseases.


Ayurveda is gaining popularity among masses since it is a holistic wellness system and medical travelers who are looking for alternative medicine are paying more attention to it. India has seen a rise in medical tourist in the last few years and most of them are coming to utilize Ayurvedic treatments.

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