A look at effectiveness of ‘Panchakarma’ as a healing system

“Panchakarma” consists of sequence of different therapeutic treatments, which are used for clearing toxins and subtle energies present inside the body. “Panchakarma” is capable of preventing as well as curing diseases and success rates are higher in case of chronic diseases in which allopathy is not very effective. It can also provide yoga practitioners with path to inner peace and enhance spiritual practices they perform.


Cleansing the body of toxic materials

“Panchakarma” is not just for the sick, even people with good health need to adapt “Panchakarma” treatments in their lives. The reason for this is that we are now living in a world full of toxic pollutants. Synthetic chemicals are being used in agriculture and pass on to our bodies causing several diseases. Many of these toxic pollutants have fat-soluble properties and these get lodged inside lipid layers in cells. In recent study, it was found that “Panchakarma” was able to reduce amount of pesticide compounds present in bodies of participants who took part in the study.


How ‘Panchakarma’ works

“Panchakarma” focuses on root causes for any disease and attempts to clear the body of various toxins (ama) and balance kapha, pitta and vaata. Ideal time for doing “Panchakarma” is at the time of change in seasons so that impurities that spawned in earlier season can be cleared out and you move into next season.


Three phases of ‘Panchakarma’ process

There are three phases in “Panchakarma” process, which we will briefly look into in this section.

  • Preparatory Phase: Internal oleation is part of this phase in which your diet will be monitored and different food items included in your meal which help to burn ama, detoxify your body and are easily digestible.
  • External Oleation: In this phase you will receive ayurvedic massage and steam bath for a period of 3 to 7 days, both aimed to loosen impurities present in the body and allows ama as well as doshas to shift towards gastrointestinal tract.
  • Karmas: At this stage the main procedures of “Panchakarma” are performed and out of the five procedures, three are commonly performed in USA. These consist of Nasya, Virechana and Basti with each having its own individual benefits.


Panchakarma’s purpose is not only to get a person well but also to strengthen as well as purify body with the aim of preventing possibility of diseases in future.

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