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Easy tips to boost the immunity and health of your child

We don’t come into this world with a super powered immune system. Rather, our immune system is relatively very inexperienced as kids and gradually learns its way to fight off illnesses, infections and diseases on its own. This is probably why you need to ensure that your kids develop a strong and robust immune system in order to remain healthy and fit as they grow. Here are some easy and effective ways in which you can do just that.

Breast feed

Mother breastfeeding her little baby girl in her arms.

Start young by breastfeeding your baby. Although baby formula can substitute for mother’s milk in dire situations, there is no beating the natural antibodies and immunity boosting substances present in the mother’s milk. So opt to breastfeed your baby for at least a year or so, choosing to give baby formula at regular intervals in between. This will help make your baby’s immune system stronger by the day.

Serve the right Diet

kid eating

It is essential that you serve your kids a proper diet that is rich in all the vital nutrients needed to boost immune power. Make it a point to add more vegetables and fruits to their diet. Foods like oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, green beans and green leafy vegetables are all considered excellent immunity boosters. Also ensure to offer a more organic diet to your kids in the form of other immunity boosting foods as well. Some examples you can opt for on a daily basis include fish, garlic, yoghurt, seaweed and even spirulina, etc.

Encourage exercise

Mother,father and daughter doing yoga

Regular exercises can help the body sweat out harmful toxins and pathogens that would otherwise cause infections and diseases. Encourage your kids to exercise at least for half an hour or so every day. The best way to do this is to exercise with them. In addition to boosting their immunity, this will promote them to carry on the good practice into their adulthood, thus helping them maintain a healthy and fit body as they grow.

Promote proper sleep

Man waking young girl in bed smiling

Sleep deprivation is the number one cause for a number of illnesses. Sleep disorders can reduce the number of natural killer cells in the body, thus making your kids more susceptible to illnesses and infections. So promote proper sleep by asking them to sleep for at least 10 hours a day. If your kids don’t like sleeping during the day, consider putting them to bed early in the night.

Practice proper hygiene

children boy and girl in love running piggyback park

Teach your kids the importance of proper hygiene at a young age itself. This will help ward off disease causing germs that can attack the immune system. Encourage your kids to wash their hands, legs and face after playing outdoors.

Ask them to wash hands before eating meals, after petting the dog, using the bathroom and blowing their nose as well. Carry disposable wipes for them to use outdoors. Teach them the importance of brushing teeth twice a day and showering daily. This way, you can promote hygienic habits that will keep your kids safe from harmful pathogens and infections.

Do not ask for unnecessary vaccines or antibiotics

Brave little girl receiving injection or vaccine with a smile

As much as you will be tempted to ask the doctor for an antibiotic of vaccine, note that your kid does not need them all the time. Too much antibiotics can also harm the immune system. Worse yet, it can make your kids addicted to these medications as they grow older. Hence, refrain from asking for medications and opt for natural ways to fight off an illness or infection unless the situation warrants otherwise.

Provide a non-toxic indoor environment

Happy time while painting easter eggs

Most of the household products we use are toxic these days. The chemicals contained in these products can compromise your kids’ immune system, making the more susceptible to illnesses. So opt to replace all of these products with natural alternatives. Use organic materials for furniture and bedding to create a healthy environment for your kids to grow up in.

It is essential that you help your kids boost their immune power so as to fight off germs and bacterial infections on their own. The right mix of diet, exercise, hygiene and lifestyle habits will help promote the development of a strong immune system.

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