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How to Avoid the Summertime Blues


Summer is that fun time of the year when life seems to reach a crescendo of happiness before the still silence of winter. With our exuberance to enjoy life comes the risk of pain and injury, metaphorically referred to as the summertime blues. In this article, we discuss some of the more common summer injuries and how to avoid them.

Weight Loss, Exercise, and Injury



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For many, the focus is on outward beauty or how we look. The love of self is an inner attribute, and that is where healthy weight loss stems. Each summer, people go on crazy diets, exercise like fiends, and turn every bodily system upside down until something snaps — your femur, hamstring, or your mind.  Take the healthy road to weight loss by changing your diet to include a balanced, healthy meal plan. Exercise with moderation, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Exercise and the Hidden Adventure



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Jogging and running on trails is a hot past time, but it comes at a price. The risk of ankle injuries and broken bones is higher when you run or jog on a trail with which you are unfamiliar. To avoid holes, rocks, and other obstacles, take a long walk at a brisk pace and check out every trail you want to run. In so doing, you decrease the chances of coming into contact with hidden obstacles.

Sun, Sunburn, and Sun Stroke

The sun, while beautiful, is harmful to our skin. Our skin is the largest organ we have, and it is important care for our it. Skincare begins with our diet, so consider eating foods that promote better skin health. If you are an outdoors person, think sun protection. Wearing appropriate clothing such as a hat, long sleeves, and UV glasses are one way to help protect yourself from the damaging effect of the sun. Sunscreen is a must. Drink plenty of water too because dehydration happens quickly on hot days. Dehydration is the first symptom of sun stroke.

Slow Down and Chill out



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Stop and smell the roses. Summer life does not have to happen at light speed. Plan on spending some quiet time meditating or doing yoga as a means of balancing out the faster pace of summer. Your mind will thank you, and as your mind becomes refreshed, you make better decisions. Your body also needs time to recover, and drinking energy drinks is a warning that you need to slow down. There are ways to make this an easier process. You can use apps like Curely.co to help you stay on track and find additional resources.

Drink more high-quality water, too. Your body is more forgiving when it is fully hydrated than when it is dehydrated.

If you pay attention to your health and add a dash of caution to your summer recipe for fun, you will likely escape the summertime blues.

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