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Obesity is a big concern for millions of parents around the world. Unhealthy eating habits couples with a sedentary lifestyle can be considered as the main reason why a lot of kids are obese today. […]

Wrong eating habits, stress, and the lifestyle that many of us follow today has made us unhealthy. The eating habits today have changed a lot than they used to be, and this is the reason

Paleo Diet

The uneasy feeling in the abdomen, feels like your stomach is overfilled and you feel the pressure and sometimes swelling in your belly. For sure, many of you might relate to this condition, as it


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in males worldwide. It is so common that one in every six males is affected by prostate cancer. Even though multifarious studies and researches regarding this

Green Tea

Chicken is easy to make, gives you good taste, and enables you to lose weight. Yes, you got it right. You can actually shed those pounds you are wanting to since so long by just


Eating healthy is important to maintain weight as well as reduce risk of many diseases. It is especially true for chronic diseases like diabetes or heart diseases. In many cases, risk of having cancer is


In kids, the brain development is fastest in the early years and by the age of three, brain reaches almost ninety percent of its full size. Thus, it is important that kids get a healthy


Healthy diet is very much important if we want to reduce our weight, improve overall fitness and prevent diseases. However, many of us try to avoid adapting good eating habits in our lives due to


Anorexia as you may know is a very severe eating disorder in which a person refuses to sustain body weight close to fifteen percent of normal ideal weight. There are mainly two types of anorexia;

overweight woman biting cake

A healthy diet is quite important to protect ourselves from diseases, control weight and improve our overall wellbeing. If we want to lead, a balanced life then food should be right mix of nutrients and

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