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Diet that prevents bloating


The uneasy feeling in the abdomen, feels like your stomach is overfilled and you feel the pressure and sometimes swelling in your belly. For sure, many of you might relate to this condition, as it is a common phenomenon that human body experiences and we call it the bloat.

There are ample reasons that give rise to bloating, as the irregular and late meal timings, eating too much of raw broccoli, or maybe you had a cold drink using straw the day before. Many other reasons including the ones we just mentioned give us that bloated feeling, the pressure that we feel sometimes in the lower part or the upper part of the abdomen. Even worse is the condition when the belly swells up, that condition is called as Abdominal Distention.

The two major reasons that play great role in bloating are our increased salt intake and the gas that develops inside our body. Nutritionists say when we consume foods that have a high level of sodium, it leads to the excessive retention of water in our body that eventually leads to bloating. Another reason that they term as culprit is the gas inside.

There are certain foods we eat; they are not digested properly so they sit in our stomach, and the bacteria that live in our gut breaks down the sugar present in the undigested food and produces gas inside. When our body is not able to release the gas efficiently, it leads to bloating. If you are someone who experiences bloating every now and then, you should keep a track on what you eat and what are the foods that you must avoid. Following are the foods that prevent bloating. Have a look:


Many people are lactose intolerant and in milk, the milk sugar is not broken down, so it is beneficial to use yogurt in smoothies. In yogurt, the sugar is broken down so it does not create gas inside body and does not cause bloating. Moreover, the lactobacillus and acidophilus present in yogurt are very effective in improving the symptoms of bloating.


Banana is quite a filling fruit, as in one banana makes you feel that you have eaten a good meal. They have lots of fiber and potassium, and they are a superb way to reduce excessive water retention in the body. Therefore, have bananas whenever you feel bloated, as they help relieve water retention and cure bloating.


All the melons are healthy though but the watermelon is the best of all. It is the juiciest of all, as it contains 92 percent water and is a great source of potassium. If you are experiencing bloating try having a mix of watermelon, cucumber, lemon and rosemary, this mix is idea for deflating your belly. This mix balances the quantity of sodium and potassium in our body, which is a must to control bloat.

Beans and Lentils

Majority of bloated belly patients are the ones whose intake of sodium is a lot and the potassium and fiber intake is not much. Imbalance of potassium and sodium in our body is a major issue that causes bloating, so if such people try to bring a balance by bringing down the sodium and increasing the potassium consumption, they would experience a huge drop in the bloating experiences.

Lentils can help you a lot, as they are a very good source of fiber and enhance digestion in human bodies. You can choose beans, soybeans, and white beans because they are loaded with potassium. Beans are high in estrogen and protein, so they are a good option for women, as they help relieving period-induced bloat.


Bloat is an uneasy feeling in the abdomen that is caused by some foods and our eating patterns. If one keeps control on one’s diet, we can easily combat bloating.

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