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A new study has brought to light that Camelina oil is capable of reducing LDL cholesterol in people. In other words, this is good news for those of us who are health-conscious and ready to […]


Dog owners live longer than the rest of the population–and they’re happier, too. But how does spending time with dogs boost your health?

dogs are eternal optimists

You go to the pharmacy and get a monthly subscription for your diabetes medication. But when you reach home and take the first dose from your new lot, you see that instead of the usual

Nails not only add to the beauty of your hands but you’d be surprised to know that they can also tell you about many health conditions. The color, texture, shape of your nails may indicate

The color of your urine can indicate the state of your health. The color of your pee can speaks volumes – whether you’re drinking enough water or not, the kind of food you’re eating and

These days, you may find various career opportunities that can make your work and life interesting. If you are eligible, skilled and have required abilities then you can get better career opportunities. When we talk

Traveling by air is interesting and time saving, but it can lead to various health problems. It is important to consider various important things in order to stay healthy and fit during the flight, especially

Human body is made of various organs that perform various yet important functions inside the body. It is very complicated to understand their mechanism and function. Liver and kidneys are one of the largest and

Parents are the first teachers to their kids as they teach their child everything. Teaching the children what to eat and how to stay healthy is very essential and all parents should teach this to

Plenty of cooking oils are considered healthy, but only a few of them remain as healthy after cooking. This factor depends on the stability level of cooking oils. Higher the stability of the oil, the

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