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Improve Your Blood Lipid Profile and Overall Health with Camelina Oil


A new study has brought to light that Camelina oil is capable of reducing LDL cholesterol in people. In other words, this is good news for those of us who are health-conscious and ready to make some changes to our healthy lifestyles this year.

This new study was carried out with the intention of establishing the connections between fish oils or camelina oils and a regulated glucose metabolism in the blood.

What is camelina oil?


Better known as false flax, camelina oil is derived from seeds of Camelina Sativa. It is not only edible but also healthy for humans. It is one of the members of the family of oilseeds as mustards and canola. Nowadays, it is cultivated as an oilseed, but humans have consumed it throughout history. The evidence for this statement dates as far back as 1500BC.

Camelina oil, which also has a distinctive and pleasant nutty flavor, is full of alpha-linolenic acid. This oil is an omega-3 fatty (plant-based) acid, making it a perfect oil to use in cookery. It is possible that you would be more familiar with omega-3 as a substance present in fish.

How does camelina oil improve your blood lipid profile?

fish protein

Extensive research has concluded previously that people who consume plenty of fish protein (and also omega-3 fatty acids) have better chances at improving their health. This also includes a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

Plenty of Vitamin E and Omega-3: This is one of the major reasons for the vast health benefits of camelina oil. Both Vitamin E and omega- 3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial as far as health is concerned. These two also improve the blood lipid profile while offering multiple benefits.

Improves heart health: A good blood lipid profile ensures that your heart health is kept in check. Regular intake of camelina oil is bound to keep you away from cardiovascular disorders as well.

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Regulates cholesterol levels: If not for this aspect, camelina oil would probably not be so beneficial. Sterols are abundantly present in Camelina oils, which is why it is better able to keep blood cholesterol in check. This has been proved time and again through research and studies.

Controls inflammation: Be it due to an injury or simply chronic pain – inflammation can be easily cured with the help of proper intake of camelina oils. It also addresses arthritis issues.

sudden shot of pain

Builds up immunity: This is made possible due to the high antioxidant content and higher levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. It is responsible for improving your overall immunity and taking it a notch higher so that you don’t fall prey to diseases.

Slows down aging: The high oxidant content in camelina oil is responsible for driving away free radicals that catalyze aging in your body. Camelina oil content increases antioxidants in your body so that aging is comparatively slowed down.

Other beneficial health effects of camelina oil:


The benefits of camelina oil just don’t stop at improving blood lipid profile. The oil itself – used all through human history – has a variety of uses beyond its newly discovered effects on blood cholesterol levels.

  • It is good for your skin when massaged in as it is full of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy skin.
  • It can also be used to a great effect as a hair mask in order to improve dandruff and soften damaged hair.
  • There is evidence that when topically applied, camelina oil can reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. It can also be taken internally in some forms to bring down inflammation throughout the body.
  • Camelina oil is enjoying a growing popularity as a cooking oil, as its benefits become more widely known. It is the perfect healthy solution for anyone looking to adopt better habits in their health and in their cooking throughout 2018.
  • It is even the subject of further research in Japan, as engineers are investigating the potential to use camelina oil as a new form of biofuel.


Although camelina oil has been regarded as a weed up until recent times, it is now being widely cultivated across the world. Camelina oil is currently being grown in Canada, America, Italy, and Slovenia.

If you wish to make a change and incorporate camelina oil into your daily routine, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can find camelina oil available on online shopping websites. If not, then you always have your local health food provider to rely on!

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