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Some of us tend to have difficulty while sleeping at night owing to the innumerable thoughts that keep racing in our minds way past bedtime. These thoughts would show no signs of slowing down and […]

One of the first conditions you would develop during pregnancy is morning sickness. While you cannot get rid of it altogether, there are certain ways in which you can reduce its intensity. Here are some

A sugary diet does not always lead to weight gain, but can cause serious health problems, such as heart diseases. It has been noted that the average American eats 10% of added sugar in his/her

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Asthma is a serious respiratory problem and needs to be kept under control to avoid life threatening situations. Asthma patients are allergic to many substances and hence the environment in which they stay should be

Allergy is just a reaction of your immune system to certain items that may or may not be harmful for people. Many individuals face varied types of allergies as soon as spring arrives. Although there

According to new research conducted by experienced scientists tea drinking is one of the healthiest habits, especially for your heart. Heart is one of the most vital organs that need to function properly for our

If we are healthy, it not only makes us feel good but also guards us from many health problems and diseases. Poor nutrition can be due to not eating enough or because of not eating

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To put it simply – the best way to avoid contracting an STD is not to indulge in sexual intercourse.  However, abstaining from sexual pleasure is not the step that people would like to take

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Aging is a completely natural phenomenon where an individual cannot dictate. Certain living conditions and lifestyles however may make one appear old during their prime years. Men naturally are exposed to high extreme conditions that


Vaginitis or vaginal infection is a problem many women face and irritation also occurs close to vagina, which is known as vulva. Sometimes unhygienic conditions or unsafe sex can result in transfer of such infection.

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