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Drinking tea at least thrice a day can prevent heart diseases

According to new research conducted by experienced scientists tea drinking is one of the healthiest habits, especially for your heart. Heart is one of the most vital organs that need to function properly for our physical well-being. This essential organ works non-stop and pumps blood throughout our body. It is our responsibility to find out how we can keep the heart healthy.


Scientists say that drinking three cups of black or green tea every day can change the way our heart functions. Tea has the capacity of nourishing our heart. It also improves the blood circulation. Tea can enhance the capacity of the arteries and keep them younger for a longer period. The walls of our arteries become rigid as we age. Tea has the quality of keeping the arteries flexible and lets blood flow through them without any hindrance.

Doctors and scientists are recommending that we drink 450 ml of tea every day without fail. 450 ml of tea is equal to three big glasses of tea. In Taiwan, a research team of scientists have closely observed and studied the effect of tea drinking of 3,135 people. These people had differing tea drinking habits.

The scientists studied the effects and impact of tea on their blood circulatory system. The result of their scientific study and research was later published in the famous journal PLOS One. According to the published report, people who consumed tea daily were able to reduce the chances of arterial stiffness by 22%. However, this is true only for the people who drank three or more cups of tea daily.

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The reason why tea is so beneficial in keeping the arteries flexible is that it contains a high amount of flavonoids. Flavonoid is capable of keeping the wall of arteries younger. Tea increases the production of nitric oxide inside our body. This helps in improving the blood circulation.

A single cup of tea offers 150 to 200 mg of flavonoids. Flavonoids offer multiple benefits to us for example it makes the arteries stretchable and reduces internal blood clots. Naturally, it promotes proper blood circulation inside our bodies. Tea is not just good for the heart but it has also been found to be effective in preventing different types of cancers.


Drinking three cups of tea every day can keep many heart diseases away. Such a habit will help you fit and prevents cancer.

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