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Simple care can keep your hands young and healthy

Wash your hands

We pay a lot of attention towards our face and body, but we rarely look after our hands, without which we will not be able to do even a single work. Hands are the working part of our body, as we do many things with the help of our hands throughout the day. Therefore, it becomes important to take proper care of our hands and protect its skin from getting damaged. Here we provide some of the ways, which makes your hand look beautiful and soft.

Rather washing our hands with hot water, we should wash them with lukewarm water, because we keep on doing many things with our hand and get into various types of harmful chemicals, dust and even direct sun heat.

Washing them gently with soap and lukewarm water will make them soft.

Moisturizing soap

Like your body and hair, your hands need proper moisture. After washing your hands, make sure you apply body lotion or cream over your hands. It will make the skin damage free and healthy. You should always carry a moisturizer with you for your hands, so that you can apply it every single time you wash hands.

Gloves are essential

You must always wear gloves while working, be it washing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning your house or any other work you do. It will protect your hands from various chemicals and dust. Moreover, you need not to wash your hands over and over again. Rubber gloves are easily available in the market. You can use them and prevent skin blemish.


Along with your hands, manicure also helps in curing your nails and makes your hands looks more beautiful and gorgeous. Some women believe that it is very costly and they just cannot afford it. However, it is not like that, you can also try doing manicure in home only. It is easy to do and just need a few precautions. By doing it, you will get absolute damaged free skin and healthy hands.

Suns cream

Suns cream is equally important as gloves and manicure. Most of the people spend their whole day out in the sun. It is necessary for them to use suns cream regularly. It will protect your hands from harmful sunrays and will help save your hands from tanning caused by sun heat as well.


Even the doctor says, your hands and your nails tell how healthy and hygienic you are. Nourish your hands properly and make them worth showing.

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