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Most paternity tests are carried out any time after the birth of a child up until adulthood or even post-mortem. Sometimes, paternity tests are carried out during pregnancy. In this case, they are referred to […]

Side profile of a pregnant woman

A selection of healthy raw food recipes to tantalise your taste buds.     A raw food diet is gaining attention as a healthy way of eating. Proponents of the uncooked trend include celebrities from

Healthy Recipes

Exercising extreme restriction only leads to frustration. Instead, first cut down on portion size of high fat foods that you feel like gorging on and resisting is simply impossible. Enjoy your meals to the hilt.

Smart way to Diet

A survey has revealed that the vast majority of people think that living in the country causes the pounds to pile on Living in the UAE is making us fat, or so say the vast

Does Life in the UAE make us Overweight

A report on the region’s largest healthcare exhibition which opens today The burgeoning demand for healthcare across the Gulf and wider Middle East has resulted in this year’s Arab Health Exhibition and Congress, which runs

Arab Health Capitalises on Continuing Growth in Healthcare Sector

New developments target cancer much more effectively than previously possible No diagnosis creates more fear for the patient than that of cancer. Half a century ago, being informed that you had cancer was tantamount to

Latest News in Cancer Treatment

It should all be Ahhh and not ARRGHH! when we visit tooth care professionals, says this dentist Over the past 15 years in private dental practice, I am quite used to receiving the following greetings;

Don’t Hate the Dentist

A clinical psychologist reports how children who are overweight often experience emotional difficulties Childhood obesity is a major public health issue, not least because of the associated health risks that increase as these children enter

The Hidden Suffering

An oncologist gives us his lifestyle tips that will help you avoid developing the disease     Most of us will know someone within our circle of family and friends who has been touched by

Seven Things You Can Do To Minimise

The Author of world famous Medical Tourism Guide Book – Dr Prem, defines Ecotourism as the “Responsible and purposeful travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of

Expert's Take on Ecotourism and Wellness Tourism
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