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Expert's Take on Ecotourism and Wellness Tourism

Expert's Take on Ecotourism and Wellness Tourism

The Author of world famous Medical Tourism Guide Book – Dr Prem, defines Ecotourism as the “Responsible and purposeful travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local communities”.Ecotourism demonstrates the need of conservation of both cultural and natural environment with sustainable economic development including the participation of local people. The Author feels that Wellness Tourism and Eco Tourism could grow together in several areas to boost both the sectors.

The term Ecotourism is not new thing in human experience and it has been practiced in most developed and developing nation. There are numerous definitions of the term, but according to American-based Ecotourism society, Ecotourism is nothing but a purposeful travel to natural areas; to understand the nature and culture; to understand the effect of human interference in ecosystem; and ultimately produce economic opportunity to conserve natural resource which is beneficial to local people. I do not know how far one is justified, calling it the pivot or corner stone of progressive tourism. Ecotourism demonstrates the need of conservation of both cultural and natural environment with sustainable economic development including the participation of local people.

Why Eco Tourism Matters?

The fundamental of Ecotourism is not only to travel to natural areas but it implies several other factors. It emphasizes:

  • Reduction of consumption of natural resources  or optimum use of natural resources
  • Maintaining diversity of nature and culture
  • Integrating   tourism into planning
  • Uplifting  local economies by bringing foreign exchange
  • Involving local communities through tourism
  • Creating jobs and thus reducing crime
  • Reducing poverty by engaging local people
  • Marketing tourism responsibly towards the environment
  • Researching on effect of human activity on ecosystem
  • Maintain humanity and respect for local culture, communities and environment
  • Participating public for natural conservation
  • Training local and other people who are engaged in ecotourism

Wellness Tourism and Eco Tourism – How it can grow together

The core essence of seeking out wellness is the improvement in health, which automatically leads to an enhanced quality of life. Wellness centers and retreats encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a wholesome, nutritious diet and fitness-related activities. They also emphasize spiritual and mental health, beauty treatments and healthy sleeping techniques all in the hope of improving and bettering one’s health. Above could be easily achived in enviornment which offers Eco Tourism through Natural Resources.

The theme of Ecotourism is not only to have sustainable use of natural resources (air, soil, minerals, animals, plants and water) but it teaches us the importance of preserving those resources for our coming generation.

Eco Tourism provides an enviornment which is most healthiest, We are beginning to realize the effect of human activities on environment. Ecotourism promotes maintaining ecological process such as recycling of nutrients, soil conservation, reducing pollution, and wildlife management, purification of water and sustainable use of natural resources. Whic in terms provide better way of living and healthy environment for humans and animal which maintains the bio-diversity.

On other hand branches of wellness tourismlike naturopathy- nature care or return to nature. Naturopathy is alternative system of medicine found in Europe, is based on the philosophy that Given the right environment and opportunity body can heal and correct the disorders naturally through own healing process.

There are several herbal and natural therapies within wellness tourism which encourage use of natural resources, wouldn’t it be wonderful to provide ayurvedic treatment at the foothil of Himalya which would be certainly a great eco tourism destination.together Wellness Tourism and Eco Tourism can boost business in meaningful way.

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