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The Global Healthcare Issue brings several interesting subject from across the Globe including What are Global Healthcare Challanges. Global Healthcare Reform. Current Trends in Global Healthcare and Several other topics within growing Global Industry.

Self-care apps have a purpose – to help you take care of yourself properly for your optimal well-being.  Indulging in self-care is not a luxury today but a necessity. Self-care is buzzing in today’s wellness trends […]

Revolutionizing Your Wellness Journey with Self-care Apps

Today, billions of people across the globe are suffering from mental trauma, depression, memory loss, and other psychological disorders. Primary symptoms reported in such cases are a feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, and negativity. Research in

A Guide to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Brain (TMS) by Dr. Prem

The word “STRESS” is commonly used for worries and anxiety a person is facing in day to day life. The constant stress and pressure of fulfilling the day to day task can cause physical or mental

Overview of stress and depression and ways to cope with it

We have been so far understood that chronic diabetes can at times be dangerous for all the vital organs of the body, such as kidneys, eyes, etc. Interestingly, a team of researchers from the California

Why diabetics are prone to infections and need special foot care

Cosmetic dentistry is providing incredible solutions to people unhappy with their smiles. Popular cosmetic dental procedures are mostly based on various 3D printing techniques and recent advancements and dentistry trends have made it more favorable

Recent Advances in Dentistry 2018

Hepatitis B occurs when the liver of an individual is affected with the hepatitis B virus or HBV in short. People affected with this virus usually have irritation and swelling of the liver. This disease spreads in the body of other individuals with the he

hepatitis B

The realities VR and AR have been creating waves in global healthcare. But the future belongs to Mixed Reality (MR) for better coordination and analysis delivering treatment procedures in a more convenient manner.  Growing interest


Rapidly expanding healthcare tech applications has been empowering seniors to better care. Seniors need special assistance owing to various issues like severely restricted mobility, loss of vision and hearing, memory loss and loneliness. But the

Healthcare tech applications for seniors

The healthcare sector has always been in the forefront of innovation and technology. Since time immemorial, people have strived to achieve advancement in technology to improve human health and lifestyle. Artificial intelligence in the healthcare


Let food be thy medicine – This quote of Hippocrates seems to be reemerging.  Global healthcare may see a new form of medicine in personalized nutrition. Dietary habits have lifelong influence on an individual’s health.

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