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Have you ever been a victim of excessive blackheads breakout? Blackheads is a common skin imperfection that mostly covers the nose area and can make you really look bad. Although you can hide them with […]

blackhead extractor

It is said that silence is a boon, and for the most part, this statement is true. Staying silent is not a sign of weakness, it can also reflect a person’s strength and self-control. As

benefits of silence for brain health

If the vegetarian diet gives you the feel that you have been snatched from meat delicacies forever, flexitarian diet gives you a better option to adopt a healthy diet. Dawn Jackson Blatner,a registered dietician conceptualized

Diet Kids

The Stairclimber machine has been an integral part of fitness centers since 1983. The effectiveness of this machine has been the reason behind its incredible popularity. It is considered to be one the best workouts


The light snoring sound you make may seem sweet to your new lover but heavy snoring can only disturb and annoy them. Millions of people consider snoring a huge problem. People who snore often try

Most of the people usually don’t consider it but drinking water on regular basis in a day can actually keeps you away from many of the harmful diseases. Moreover, it will make you fairer and


Good health is the key to a happy and successful life. Good health is the prime requisite to perform all our activities properly. A healthy and balanced diet ensures your good health and reduces the

Eating Healthy

Marigolds are beautiful, bright hued flowers that are found in most of the countries throughout the world. They are common garden flowers and a favorite of many. In some cultures like the Hindu religion, marigolds

Essential oils extracted from plants have long been in use because of their fragrance and therapeutic properties. From funeral rites to making perfume, essential oils have always played a vital role in both, medicine and


An amazing collection of high-fiber fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, healthy oils, fish and nuts could help you have a youthful, healthy energetic lifestyle, minus any side effects. More than a way of eating,

Prasouda diet
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