Decoding the benefits of silence for brain health

It is said that silence is a boon, and for the most part, this statement is true. Staying silent is not a sign of weakness, it can also reflect a person’s strength and self-control. As much as silence is helpful in preventing misunderstandings and problems, there is also a hidden benefit of silence for a person’s health. For the betterment of your brain’s health, silence is actually helpful. In this world where we use technology and smartphones all the time, it can be very difficult for people to adopt silence. However, the fact is that for a few minutes in a day, if you don’t do anything and stay silent, it will have a lot of health benefits. Let us look at the reasons why silence is so good for you and your brain health.

Helps the brain cells to grow

brain cells

Although conversations, movies or lectures are great tools used for stimulating your mind, however, silence equally benefits you. In a good way, silences helps in brain cell production. This finding was even highlighted in a study conducted in 2013 about the Structure and functioning of the brain.

You develop a better memory

brain stress

When the brain is stressed out, it is natural that you forget things. Just by staying silent, you can actually improve your memory. Because of the fact that silence helps to improve the growth of brain cells, you have a stronger hippocampus. For long term and short-term memory, a strong hippocampus is essential because this is the part of the brain, which is responsible for your memory. It also helps in reducing the chances of developing dementia, which is caused due to brain cells that are damaged. Apart from that, you focus better and your brain functioning also improves.

It helps in relaxing the brain


Meditation is so powerful because when you are silent and calm, it helps in relaxing your mind. You will not only feel peaceful inside but also your brain needs to relax considering that, it is used most of the time. A few moments of silence will actually help the brain to slow down a bit and give it the necessary rest it deserves.

Helps to improve your sleeping habits

sleeping habits

For a good brain health, it is essential that you relax; similarly, you also need to ensure that you sleep well. With the help of silence, you will see a difference in your sleep habits. Just before you sleep, make it a point to ensure that you do not do anything. You will automatically find improvement in your sleeping habits. A lot of people today have a habit to use their mobile phones even while they are in bed. This is the worst thing that you can do for yourself. Instead, when you are trying to sleep, avoid having the cell phone near you. If you are an insomniac, then this is the best way to treat your problem.

Self-reflection encouragement is at its best

rest to your brain

If you want to spend time doing self-reflection, then make sure that you give enough rest to your brain. Considering that, a person absorbs different kinds of information every day, it is essential that you ponder on your days work. By adopting silence, you actually help the brain in processing the information that is already there. This is how you can analyze yourself and help yourself to heal in a lot of ways. By doing this, you also become more aware of your surroundings, which helps you in controlling your actions in the right way.

A thought to ponder

A thought to ponder

Silence is a key that can make an overall change in your life. It is understood that when you adopt the art of staying silent, it helps you physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. While standing up for the right things in life is necessary, what holds the most importance is your wellbeing. The art of staying silent helps in improving your brain’s health and functioning in the most amazing manner. However, it is equally important for you to understand the line between silence for yourself and your health. Just by understanding this basic fact, you will see how your life changes with the improvement in the overall health and well being of your brain.

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