Snoring can be beneficial for your health

The light snoring sound you make may seem sweet to your new lover but heavy snoring can only disturb and annoy them. Millions of people consider snoring a huge problem. People who snore often try different techniques and methods for reducing this habit on which they have no control. Recent scientific studies have unearthed surprising benefits of snoring. According to researchers, instead of damaging your health, heavy snoring just might improve it. This is definitely good news for heavy snorers who love their naptime.


Scientists who have been researching on sleep apnea have discovered that heavy snoring is beneficial for our health. This discovery has created uproar among the scientists because for long it was believed that heavy snoring damages health. A controversy has started regarding this matter and researchers are still working hard to find facts that are more relevant.

Not just laymen, but also scientists used to believe that heavy snoring is an impediment in the way of proper breathing and a cause for health disorders. It was supposed to affect the heart, respiratory system, cause strokes and heart attacks. Snoring also increases the chances of car and workplace accidents.


A team of Israeli scientists has done some research on the effects of sleep apnoea on individuals above the age of 65. They have found that the chances of early death get decreased by 50% if an individual has got light sleep apnoea. A theory behind this states that heavy snoring makes us stop breathing for short whiles during sleep.

Such interruption in breathing improves the capability of the heart and lungs. This means that snoring is like an exercise for the internal organs of the body. As the heart and other organs learn to deal with delay in oxygen supply they are better able to tackle heart attack and other physiological dysfunctions.


Sleep apnea is an abnormal health condition in which air supply gets halted for ten seconds every time your snore. Many learned sleep researchers still think that anyone with heavy snoring issues should get proper treatment and not ignore the condition expecting it to give them better health. You may control snoring through treatment or find out why it is happening.

Over weight people snore because of the extra pound they have gained. Bad sleeping posture can be another reason behind it.


Some researchers think that snoring can help in strengthening the inner organs and increase our average life span. Sleep apnoea should be treated under the care of experienced physicians.

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