All about Stairclimber: Benefits and Repair Tips

The Stairclimber machine has been an integral part of fitness centers since 1983. The effectiveness of this machine has been the reason behind its incredible popularity. It is considered to be one the best workouts in the fitness industry. Like most people, you may also have one in your home, to give a boost to your fitness. It works as a good preventive option for cardio and bone related diseases. Read on to find out how to make optimum use of the machine, its benefits and repairs it may require:

Benefits of using the stairclimber

  • Don’t hold to the bars

You may be tempted to hold the bars while exercising but experts suggest not holding the bars. You will actually burn more calories if you don’t hold the bars during your workout. However, if you need to hold onto them for balance, then you should, as safety comes first. Even then, instead of grabbing the bars tightly, try to lightly touch them, without putting your weight behind it. Maintain an upright posture and do not bend from the waist to hold the bars.

  • Don’t use only the toes

You have to step on the Stairclimber with the whole foot. If you are stepping using only your toes and your heels hanging off the step, you will not get any benefit, and will be too taxing on your calves. On the other hand, if you use the entire foot, you will have better motion range and activate many muscles which will give you maximum benefit. In stepping, the range of motion is the most important aspect – step fully with one foot and then change to the other foot. In case your Stairclimber is out of order, and you do not have time to take it for repairs, there are many onsite service and repair companies which can repair your machine at home.

  • Tie your shoelaces

This is an obvious one, but it needs to be mentioned as a simple thing as shoelaces not done properly can trip you up. You definitely do not want this to happen, as it can be a very painful fall.

  • Be patient

Stepping requires patience and consistency to give you the full benefits. You have to motivate yourself to keep exercising, whether at home, or in the gym. According to studies, 735 calories can be burnt in 60 minutes by a 180 lb weight person.

Repairing the Stairclimber

 Your Stairclimber, like any other machine can break down, leading to the question ‘Where can I get my Stairclimber repaired?’ In such cases, getting an expert to check it gives you a better picture of what the problem really is.

How to choose Stairclimber repair service providers 

Experts in Stairclimber repair services can repair almost all machines, even though they may be of different make. The models of Stairclimbers vary, even though they may be manufactured by the same company.

  • Online reviews

Many stairclimber repair service providers offer onsite service and repairs. You should choose a Stairclimber service / repair company which is responsive to your complaint and is well-known for being efficient and quick. Read reviews on the net about various service providers and select the one which has the most favourable reviews by satisfied customers. While reading the reviews, check not only the quality of service provided by stairclimber repair service providers but also the promptness in carrying out repairs, as you don’t want to be calling again and again for repairs to be carried out.

  • Word of mouth

As the Stairclimber has been used for decades by gyms and people at home, you can ask around to find the out about experts in Stairclimber repair services who may have repaired their machines. Most people will guide you to the company which they have used and which has done a good job for them. A good service / repair company will have well-trained, knowledgable engineers qualified to carry out the most complex repairs, on any model or make.

The Stairclimber combines both cardiovascular and muscle strength workout which is especially appealing, as it increases bone mass too. This machine can help in maintaining a fit, active and healthy lifestyle.

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