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Food items that can do wonders for your oral health

oral health affects our overall health

Oral health has a deep connection with a person’s overall health, or to put it in a better way, oral health is of paramount importance for a person in order to maintain his overall health. Just as good nutrition is required for a healthy body; our teeth also require healthy nutrition to stay healthy and strong. Just as some foods keep us energetic and improve our body resistance, similarly some foods make our teeth strong, and they improve our oral health. Click through to find out such foods:

Apples, carrots and celery

These three foods are crunchy and serve, and therefore are known as dental detergents. The crunchy foods we eat produce more cleansing saliva and increase its flow in the mouth as well. When the flow of saliva increases in our mouth, it makes our mouth fresh. One thing you have to be sure of is that you do not choose to munch fruits that are high in acid between meals, as they are quite hard on the tooth enamel.


Many people hate the smell of onions and probably they would not like this point. Nevertheless, onions are great for our oral health. They contain sulphur compounds that behave as powerful antibacterials that are terrific for our oral health. To enjoy oral benefits of onions, you need to have fresh uncooked onions.


Vitamin C plays a very important role to maintain the health of our gum tissue. Many fruits contain Vitamin C, but kiwi is one fruit that contains this vitamin in the highest amount. Vitamin C maintains the level of collagen in our gums, and without it, the gum collagen starts to breakdown. In the absence of sufficient collagen, the gums become tender and more prone to the bacteria attack, which eventually leads to periodontal diseases.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are loaded with calcium, and it is needless to explain how important calcium is for our teeth. Sesame seeds make our gums strong and preserve the bone around teeth. They also help build tooth enamel.

Cheese or milk

Some foods that we eat secrete some acids in the mouth that are harmful for our oral health, while there are also some foods that help reduce that harmful acid in the mouth. Dairy products actually reduce the acid in the mouth. Have a glass of milk or chew a piece of cheese, they are filling and good fighters against tooth decay.


Along with oral hygiene, the intake of certain foods augments our oral health. Including a healthy serving of these dishes can help with better oral care.

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