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Simple tips and ideas to help you slash your grocery bill


There are simple ways to reduce your grocery bill drastically. Save money by buying sensibly and it’s not that you have to buy junk food to reduce your monthly grocery bill.

Keeping note of prices

The first tip to help you save money is the simplest way but needs a little dedication. The stores have a habit of luring the customers with the prices, often the labels are designed such that the customer feels the best price is being offered. You need to keep a track of prices this requires a little dedication. Some people do it by remembering the lowest prices of the items they buy most others write it down. These days’ apps are there to do this task for you.

Shop during a sale

Sale time is the best time to buy foodstuff. The general sign is that when stores promote a sale big time the discounts offered are more. You can compare the prices of different stores through the sale ads. Keeping a track would help you buy food items at their lowest price, the items you generally buy a lot can be bought easily whenever the price is the lowest. Do not assume that a particular store has the lowest prices, compare for yourself and you may find otherwise.

Buy a sufficient quantity

Grocery stores usually have a 6-week cycle for a sale. After you have tracked the prices and are ready to buy at the lowest price, ensure that you buy a sufficient quantity that would last until the next sale. You can buy stuff that does not perish quickly, and that which can be stored in your freezer. It’s not just the processed food, beans, whole grains, rice, frozen vegetables and dairy products that you can stock up.

Substitute meat

There a lot of food items that you can buy instead of meat. Meat increases the overall monthly grocery budget. Diced vegetables, soya bean, mushrooms, beans are a few examples of the things you can buy instead of meat. A vegetarian diet is good for health, most importantly, you would avoid the extra fat that is consumed by the meat intake.


You should always plan before you enter a grocery store. When you know what you want to buy, you avoid buying stuff that you actually don’t need at the moment. Make a list of the items before hand, check your freezer and the food cabinet to know exactly what you need. You might be a prey to the marketing tricks of the store or give in to your cravings.

Keeping these simple tips in mind save money and enjoy buying a variety of food that you like.

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