Understanding the types and benefits of blackhead extractor

Have you ever been a victim of excessive blackheads breakout? Blackheads is a common skin imperfection that mostly covers the nose area and can make you really look bad. Although you can hide them with makeup, they tend to stay with you if you don’t take immediate action. Did you know that blackheads can be easily removed using various natural blackhead removal methods?

The first thing to do is to use a good cleanser or a face clay mask to get rid of them. If that doesn’t work, you can either visit a skin specialist or a dermatologist for further help. But these visits could cause a fortune. What if we told you that you could easily remove blackheads that your cleanser didn’t work on?

What is blackhead extractor?


That’s right, persistent blackheads can only be removed by using a tool known as the blackhead extractor. Blackhead extractor is a small tool specifically designed to extract blackheads and they are very effective in function. In fact all the skin specialists out there use the very same blackhead extractors to extract blackheads from millions of people who suffer from them on a daily basis around the world.

You can acquire blackhead extractors easily from various places. But before you try to use a blackhead extractor at home, you need to learn about the different kinds of blackhead extractors. The two most common kinds are blackhead extractors that have cupped like endings and one that has a needle at one end.

Types of Blackhead Extractors

The first type which has a small needle like end is recommended for professional use only. This is because the needle is sharp and can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. This is why only professionals use this kind of blackhead extractor. These are more effective but can also cause pain and are dangerous if not used properly.

But if you want to rid of blackheads at home, you can use the other variant of blackhead extractor which has cupped ends on both sides. These cupped ends are gently pressed on the blackheads that leads to excessive sebum being pushed out of the skin. Since blackheads are of different sizes, this tool has different sized cupped ends.

How to use it?


With a little practice, you can easily start removing blackheads from your nose and other areas. But before you begin, it is highly recommended that you wash your skin with a cleanser with warm water so it is easier for you to extract blackheads. Once the skin is washed, dry it out with a towel and start the process. Put the cupped end of the blackhead extractor right on top of the blackhead and start putting a gentle pressure.

In about a few seconds the sebum will be forced out of the skin without causing any pain. Your skin may look a little red from the usage of blackhead extractors but it is completely normal. When blackheads are extracted, they leave pores and this causes a tiny bit of irritation which can result in redness.

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