Corn plasters, the best solutions for your foot problem

Modern life is quite demanding. We are expected to dress in a certain way. Our lifestyle and attire takes toll on our physique. Wearing high heels and walking in them is probably one of the trickiest tasks that women have to perform every day with a smile on their faces. As a result, they often suffer from corns on their feet. Corns can be very painful and even if they are not apparent, they can make walking and wearing hills difficult for the sufferers.


Corn plasters are one of the best ways of removing these painful things from your feet. They have been used for a very long time and many people rely on corn plasters for the removal of corns. Consult your doctor and ask their permission to use corn plasters. Not all corns are the same and only an experienced doctor will be able to tell if you really need a corn plaster or not.

Corns are nothing but dead cells that form a mound or conical shape on the back of your feet. It presses down on the nerve endings and causes pain. Most of the corns are found on the toe areas of our feet. The corns that form between the toes are termed as soft corns and those that form at the back end, middle, or tip of the toes are referred to as hard corns.


The most common cause of corns is bad shoes and too much friction. People who walk a lot due to their profession get corns easily. According to a scientific study, around 25% UK citizens suffer from corns. The hard and inflamed skin does not make your feet prettier and careful measure must be taken without wastage of time.

Some corn plasters use salicylic acid. This acid does not help in curing the corn completely and the sufferer will have to consult a podiatrist. The podiatrists use scalpel and remove the hard mound surgically. Scientific studies have shown that the prolonged and careful use of corn plasters can help in removing a corn completely and does not let it recur for months. If you too want to get rid of the painful corns then use corn plaster but make sure that your podiatrist knows about it.


Corn plasters are good for the removal of corns but you will have to use it for a long period. Corn plasters are quite effective and most of them prevent corns from coming back.

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